How we work

As an intergovernmental organization, ICCROM is composed of Member States. If you are a cultural heritage professional, a student or an institution operating in a country that has adhered to ICCROM’s Statutes, you are eligible to enjoy the following benefits:

  • Organizations can collaborate on ICCROM’s programmes for cultural heritage conservation and participate in international and regional initiatives
  • Professionals can apply to ICCROM’s higly regarded courses where they can strengthen your skills and enhance your professional network
  • Professionals and graduates can apply to ICCROM’s fellowship and internship programmes
  • Professionals, students and graduates are welcome to make use of the library and document delivery service
  • Public institutions and non-profits are eligible for our Technical Assistance Service (TAS), which makes available conservation literature for specific projects and needs
  • Organizations and professionals may request advice from ICCROM regarding conservation issues

Strategic directions

ICCROM has identified a series of strategic directions for the organization. In pursuing these strategies in our own work, we aim to influence the future development of conservation as a whole. They are divided into three main areas; training, research, and communication, information, and advice, with their corresponding objectives.


  • to ensure the quality and relevance of ICCROM training


  • to reintegrate and re-emphasize the important role of materials science, scientific methodologies, and conservation science in ICCROM’s programmes and activities;
  • to ensure that ICCROM continues to take an interdisciplinary approach and integrate the results of research in conservation-related fields.

Communication, information, and advice

  • to ensure that ICCROM remains a reliable and up-to-date source of information and advice for Member States.


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