Marina Ronconi

July 5, 2017

Marina RonconiMarina Ronconi from Italy will undertake an internship at ICCROM from 29 May to 31 August 2017.

Marina holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Conservation from the Accademia delle Belle Arti in Venice, with a dissertation on videotapes. She is currently completing a five-year course on restoration of cultural heritage at the Accademia delle Belle Arti in Bologna, focusing on book and archival material, photographic/cinematographic and digital materials.

During her internship, Marina will assist with the implementation of the SOIMA programme, in particular for developing materials for the course, publications and any other relevant activities.

Member State represented: Italy

Vaidas Petrulis

June 29, 2017

Vaidas PetrulisICCROM welcomes Dr Vaidas Petrulis from the Institute of Architecture and Construction of Kaunas University of Technology, Lithuania. Vaidas is a Senior Scientific Researcher and also teaches history of architecture and built heritage interpretation. He will be at ICCROM until the end of July 2017.

In 2009, Vaidas developed a project for a digital internet archive of architectural heritage ( and is a member of ICOMOS International Scientific Committee on 20th Century Heritage.

While at ICCROM, his research will focus on the Italian influences of modernism in Kaunas, Lithuania.

Member State represented: Lithuania

Hemani Badyal

June 1, 2017

Hemani BADYAL Hemani BADYAL from India will undertake an internship at ICCROM from 22 May to 2 July 2017.

Hemani has a Masters in Architecture from CEPT University of Ahmedabad and is currently finishing a second master in World Heritage and Cultural Projects for Development at ITC-ILO in Turin. She also works as conservation architect at DRONAH site office in the City Palace Complex of Udaipur, where she coordinates the various phases of work as per the conservation management plan for the City Palace and prepares the museum interpretation and use plans.

While at ICCROM, Hemani will be working on the World Heritage programme.

Member State represented: India

Paola Sannicandro

May 3, 2017

Paola SannicandroPaola Sannicandro will undertake an internship at ICCROM from 2 May to 28 July 2017.

Paola has a Masters degree in architecture from the University of Rome, La Sapienza and is currently working on completing her MSc in Conservation of Historic Buildings at the University of Bath. She has worked for three years as conservation architect at A.R.S. Progetti, Rome preparing guidelines and recommendations for the conservation of buildings and sites along with preliminary and detailed design proposals, and developing interpretive plans as well as conservation management plans.

While at ICCROM, Paola will be working on the World Heritage programme.

Member State represented: Italy

Casaurina Cramer

May 2, 2017

Casaurina CramerCasaurina Cramer from Canada will undertake an internship at ICCROM from 2 May to 28 July 2017.

Casaurina has recently completed the MA Cultural Heritage Studies program at University College London, focusing primarily on intangible heritage. Her belief in the value of traditional practices and living heritage may be attributed to her own Caribbean heritage, and the importance she has attributed to the retention of traditions in the formation of cultural identity. Her Masters dissertation research tackles this subject, in looking at the Caribbean diaspora in Southwest England and the conservation of a traditional practice through multi-generational steel-band performance.

During her internship, Casaurina will be assisting us with the preparation and implementation of the international summer school on Communication and Teaching Skills in Conservation and Science to be held at ICCROM from 10 to 21 July 2017.

Member State represented: Canada

Laura Alecrim

Laura AlecrimLaura Alecrim from Brazil will undertake an internship at ICCROM from 2 May to 28 July 2017.

Laura holds a Master s Degree in Urban Development from the Federal University of Pernambuco in Recife, Brazil. She has been working for the last three years at the Instituto do Patrimônio Histórico e Artístico Nacional – IPHAN where she has been supervising projects and restoration works on buildings and public spaces. Laura is also a lecturer at the Faculdade Damas da Instrução Cristã – FADIC where is she responsible for teaching urban planning related to intervention on historic centres and architectural design related to residential projects. She has also done an internship at Centro de Estudos Avançados da Conservação Integrada  – CECI.

While at ICCROM, Laura will be working on the Living Heritage programme.

Member State represented: Brazil

Cecilia Rinaldi

Cecilia Rinaldi Cecilia Rinaldi from Italy is undertaking an internship at ICCROM from 6 February through May 2017.

Cecilia graduated from University College London (UCL) in 2015, with a degree in History of Art and Material Studies. She is currently completing a Master in Public Policy, with a specialization in Cultural Policy and Management, at Sciences Po, Paris.

Cecilia’s focus of interest is the theme of illicit traffic of cultural property. During her internship she will be involved in a background research on the topic, including a benchmark analysis on the activities in the field.

Member State represented: Italy

Faith Mukangaya

April 4, 2017

new intern at collections unitAs a graduate from the Midlands State University with a Bachelor of Arts (Honours) in Archaeology, Cultural Heritage and Museum Studies, Faith Mukangaya from Zimbabwe is searching for new opportunities to strengthen capacity building in Africa. Prior to graduating, she carried out an internship in the Mutare Museum where she was involved in different activities ranging from tour guiding, to conducting inventory checks, to digitizing fading departmental records and updating databases.

While at ICCROM (3 April to 30 June), Faith will be contributing to data collection related to the situation of museums and related institutions in Africa with a view of supporting the future AFRICA Programme.

Member State represented: Zimbabwe

Jaana Kataja

New intern at Collections UnitStarting off with a BA in textile conservation from the EVTEK University of Applied Sciences, Vantaa, Finland, Jaana Kataja from Finland has worked extensively as a textile conservator.  She is currently the project manager in a regional collection centre project of the Museum of Kymenlaakso, Kotka aimed at assessing the need for a joint storage facility for the Kymenlaakso region in Finland. At the same time she is in the process of completing her MA in Museology from the University of Jyväskylä.  As part of her studies, Jaana carried out a survey on 21 regional museums in Finland to investigate their collections facilities. She is presently the Chairman of the Nordic Association of Conservators, Finland.

During her internship at ICCROM (3 April to 30 June), Jaana will be associated with the RE-ORG Project and will be assisting in various activities such as training, didactic materials and communication.  In particular she will be involved in the final preparation of the RE-ORG Nigeria workshop.

 Member State represented: Finland

Jessica Doyle

Collection unit intern, April 2017Jessica Doyle from Australia holds a BA from the University of Western Australia (Hons. Archaeology) and is currently pursuing an MA in Cultural Material Conservation at the University of Melbourne. In addition to conducting archaeological surveys and field work in the Fremantle Prison and in the Pilbara Region where she recorded archaeological materials as an Archaeology Youth Leader in the Western Australian Junior Archaeology Club (JAC), she assisted in co-ordinating introductory archaeology classes for children, focusing on Australian archaeology.

While at ICCROM (3 April to 30 June), Jessica will be called upon to assist with background research for the First Aid in Times of Conflict handbook and to help in designing and/or updating course related training resources.

Member State represented: Australia