Prince Charles visits the ICCROM-ATHAR Centre

November 11, 2016

Prince Charles visits the ICCROM-ATHAR CentreOn 8 November, Prince Charles of the United Kingdom, as part of an official visit to the United Arab Emirates, paid a visit to the ICCROM-ATHAR Regional Conservation Centre in Sharjah.  He was accompanied on this visit by His Highness Dr Sheikh Sultan Bin Mohammed Al Qasimi, Supreme Council Member and Ruler of Sharjah. Continue reading…

Peter Rockwell presents gypsum Plenderleith sculpture to ICCROM

October 24, 2016

Peter Rockwell presents gypsum Plenderleith sculpture to ICCROMOn 20 October, sculptor Peter Rockwell presented to ICCROM the gypsum preparatory study he used to create the bronze portrait bust of ICCROM’s founding director Dr Harold J Plenderleith.

Dr Plenderleith, who had directed the British Museum’s museum laboratory from 1924, was tapped by UNESCO in 1959 to lead the newly founded Rome Centre, later known as ICCROM. Plenderleith guided the fledgling organization from a small core of five original Member States to 55 Member States by the end of his tenure in 1971.  These early years saw ICCROM’s participation in many dramatic initiatives including the UNESCO campaigns to save the Nubian monuments, the Nefertari Tomb, Mohenjo Daro, Borobudur and other sites, and formed the basis of ICCROM’s activities and services today. Continue reading…

Heritage Science

October 13, 2016

ICCROM is pleased woldcloud of heritage science key terminologyto announce the addition of a new web resource to its website.

“Heritage Science” is a data-focused and knowledge-sharing resource dedicated to the cross disciplinary field of heritage science, with a particular orientation towards research that addresses conservation, care and management of cultural heritage. Continue reading…

New Members of ICCROM’s Council

November 23, 2015

Marie LavandierFollowing the 29th General Assembly of the International Centre for the Study of the Preservation and Restoration of Cultural Property (ICCROM), delegates of Member States elected the new members to serve on ICCROM’s Council for the period 2015 – 2019. The members of ICCROM’s Council are elected from among the most qualified experts in the conservation-restoration field worldwide.

  • Abdulaziz ALMUSALLAM ALKHAALDI – (United Arab Emirates)
  • Yong-Jae CHUNG – (Republic of Korea)
  • Florencia GEAR – (Argentina)
  • Riadh HADJ SAID – (Tunisia)
  • Michaëla HANSSEN – (Netherlands)
  • Monther JAMHAWI – (Jordan)
  • Wataru KAWANOBE – (Japan)
  • Patricia KELL – (Canada)
  • Marie LAVANDIER – (France)
  • Anne NYHAMAR – (Norway)
  • Zoe REID – (Ireland)
  • Mohammad Hassan TALEBIAN – (Iran) Islamic Republic of

Also, during the 86th meeting of Council, the ICCROM Council elected its new Bureau:

  • President of Council: Marie Lavandier
  • Vice Chairperson of Administration: Oliver Martin
  • Vice Chairperson of Planning: Valerie Magar

See full list of current council members

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Webber Ndoro Honoured at 29th General Assembly

18 November 2015, Rome, Italy - ICCROM General Assembly 2015 (Green Room), FAO Headquarters.

Webber Ndoro was the recipient of the 2015 ICCROM Award, given in recognition of his important contribution to the field of conservation, protection and restoration of cultural heritage, and his lasting impact on the development of ICCROM.

Ndoro, Director of the African World Heritage Fund (AWHF) and Associate Research Fellow at the University of Cape Town, South Africa, accepted the prestigious award on behalf of Africa, stating that “…the award is a result of a collective effort and therefore it is an award for Africa and all the women and men who have, over the years, have made efforts to ensure that Africa’s heritage is conserved not just for future generations but for current ones too.”

Britta Rudolff, award presenter and former Vice Chairperson of the ICCROM Council noted that through his teaching at the University of Zimbabwe, Ndoro has also had a strong influence “on a generation of young heritage professionals in sub-Saharan Africa.” From his first experience with ICCROM working on the AFRICA 2009 programme, to his current position as Director of the African World Heritage Fund (AWHF), Joseph King, Director of the Sites Unit at ICCROM, acknowledged his “passion for the cultural heritage of Africa and a strong desire to share that passion with a worldwide audience.” Continue reading…

Watch the ICCROM General Assembly via live streaming

November 16, 2015

Climate change and risks to cultural heritage will be in focus as delegates from 134 Member States meet in Rome for ICCROM’s 29th General Assembly, 18-20 November 2015.

The three-day event will celebrate the recently-signed new Headquarters Agreement with the United Arab Emirates, welcome the Russian Federation amongst ICCROM’s Member States, and see the presentation of the prestigious ICCROM Award, in addition to a thematic session on climate change and its projected effects on heritage. Member State delegations, observers and invited guests will meet to debate on challenges faced by heritage worldwide, elect new representatives to the ICCROM Council and ratify ICCROM’s biennial Programme and Budget 2016-2017.

We will be offering live web streaming for much of the meeting. Please consult the General Assembly agenda and tune in (GMT +1).

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ICCROM’s 29th General Assembly

November 12, 2015

Press release

134 Countries to Convene in Rome to Discuss the Protection of Cultural Heritage Worldwide

Delegates of the 26the General Assembly of ICCROM, Rome, 2009Delegates from 134 Member states will meet in Rome at the 29th General Assembly of ICCROM (International Centre for the Study of the Preservation and Restoration of Cultural Property) on 18 – 20 November 2015, to discuss the organization’s future directions. The 29th General Assembly opens at a moment when conflict and natural disasters have increasingly hit heritage and communities. ICCROM, created 60 years ago by UNESCO, shares methodologies and practices for the protection of cultural heritage, an essential element for peace and development. In deploring recent intentional attacks on heritage based on wars and conflicts, the ICCROM community will attend an event on 15 November in memory of Palmyra heritage expert Khaled al-Assad, organized by Religions for Peace, Sezione Italiana.

ICCROM wishes to celebrate and commend those Member States who are particularly active, acknowledging their efforts for the care of heritage worldwide. The United Arab Emirates has partnered with ICCROM to create a centre for Arab heritage. At this 29th ICCROM General Assembly, the recently-signed ICCROM-ATHAR Headquarters Agreement will be acknowledged in the presence of the Emirati delegation, headed by Dr Mohammed Khamis Al Muhairi, Director-General of the National Council of Tourism and Antiquities. Included is a voluntary contribution of Euro 7.8 million, the first such voluntary contribution of this magnitude. ICCROM draws attention to the importance of voluntary contributions which enable ICCROM to continue carrying out its worldwide mandate. The generous financial support from the UAE will go towards the ICCROM-ATHAR Centre, located in Sharjah, UAE, that will work with Member States in that region towards solutions for the risks faced by heritage in the Arab world. Continue reading…

ICCROM and United Arab Emirates sign Headquarters Agreement

October 28, 2015

On 27 October 2015, ICCROM and the Government of the United Arab Emirates signed a Headquarters Agreement which lays the foundation for the establishment and operation of the ICCROM-ATHAR Regional Conservation Centre in Sharjah, UAE. This agreement confers upon the Centre its legal status, enabling it to execute its functions and achieve its objectives as an intergovernmental institution in the UAE. From its location in Sharjah, ICCROM-ATHAR will pursue ICCROM’s objectives with respect to the conservation of cultural heritage in the Arab region, facilitating the protection of endangered cultural heritage in the region.

Signing the Agreement on behalf of the UAE was Dr Addelrahman Al Awadi, Assistant Foreign Minister for Legal Affairs, while Dr Stefano De Caro, ICCROM’s Director-General, signed on behalf of ICCROM. Present at the signing were Dr Zaki Aslan, Director of ICCROM-ATHAR; Dr Mohammed Khamis Al Muhairi, Director-General of the National Council of Tourism and Antiquities; Mr Abdul Aziz Al Mussalam, Head of Sharjah Heritage Institute; Ms Manal Ataya, Director-General of Sharjah Museums Department; Mr Sadiq Mohammed Abu Sneineh, Legal Adviser; and Mr Issa Saif bin Handal, representing the Office of H.H. Ruler of Sharjah.

The Headquarters Agreement stipulates the immunities and privileges granted to the regional Centre. It also reinforces the ongoing cooperation between the Government of UAE and ICCROM in the implementation of national capacity building and training. Continue reading…