Clara González Fernández

July 5, 2017

Clara González FernándezClara González Fernández from Spain will carry out an internship at ICCROM from 3 July to 30 September.

Following a career as a hands-on conservation professional, several years ago Clara González Fernández decided that a museum was more suited to apply the various aspects inherent to preventive conservation.  She thus joined the Ethnological Museum of Ribadavia in Galicia, where she developed a strategy to refurbish and reorganize the storage space, allowing objects to be seen and where necessary exhibited to the public. Later, Clara moved to the Pilgrimage Museum in Santiago de Compostela from which she is currently on leave. When Clara discovered the RE-ORG project, she applied for an ICCROM internship as she admired the project methodology that allowed museum storage re-organization with scarce financial means but with “self-reliance, sustainability and creativity.”

At ICCROM, Clara will follow the preparation of RE-ORG Chile (2018) and the review and development of teaching/learning materials in Spanish. She will also help with other Re-Org ongoing activities.

Member State represented: Spain

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