Executive Master in Cultural Heritage. Creativity, Innovation and Management


Organized by:Organisé par :
l’Opera di Santa Maria del Fiore di Firenze and l’Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore, Italy

Location of event:Lieu de l’événement : Florence

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An advanced, professional-development course designed to cultivate the participants’ capacity for competitiveness, creativity and innovative thinking, and provide them with the means to mark themselves out in an increasingly homogenised world.
Today’s society is undergoing a process of profound, constant and rapid change.
The group of people we interact with regularly is increasingly “international” and the multicultural nature of our towns and cities is more evident than ever. This diversity not only conditions the way we live, it transforms our very cultural traditions, and learning to keep our own traditions intact, while accommodating and even welcoming these processes, requires a creative, innovative approach. We believe
such originality is, in itself, a competitive advantage that can help individuals grow, in business and in their careers.
The Opera di Santa Maria del Fiore – in the form of the Studium Florentinum initiative
– and Università Cattolica del sacro Cuore of Milan have joined forces to address these issues in the form of an executive master’s programme. Taught in English, this advanced, one-year cultural-managerial course draws on a broad base of humanities and social science subjects, including economics, to provide participants with cross-discipline experience and working methodologies that can be applied to a large range of careers and professional contexts. The Master’s Degree
is delivered by Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore.

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