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fromdu 27 September 2017 toau 29 September 2017

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University of Turku, Elgin & Co., Finland

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3rd International Conference
Narratives for a World in Transition
Pori, Finland, 27-29 September 2017

A special theme this year is: Narratives for a World in Transition. The conference organisers welcome contributions advancing the understanding of the role of storytelling and narrative approaches and techniques.

Storytelling is a multi-layered and multipurpose phenomenon. Geographical destinations (places, regions and routes) and tourism dynamics need people to tell and share stories to co-create heritage values, embed these in a sustainable spectrum of tourist facilities, and induce valuable tourist experience.

Storytelling can play a role as a branding, marketing, stakeholder and visitor engagement, sustainable management and innovation strategy and tool. Knowledge of critical success factors and skills in narrative management are necessary for storytelling to contribute to the development and promotion of innovative heritage-based tourism value propositions and products. Can (should?) heritage-based destinations use a systematic framework to project their image holistically within an identified coordinated story that ties the individual narratives of stakeholders together in a common destination brand identity? Are alternative concepts and practices available?

In addition, in this world in transition, characterised by globalisation, continuous growth in tourism, migration and mobility based on migrant citizenship, there is the need for researchers and practitioners alike to explore the possibilities of reframing tourism beyond “the tourist gaze” and study the interaction, dialogues and conflicts that arise between visitors, hosts and cultural institutions in the representation and re-use of the past for touristic purposes. Can a narrative research approach function as a joint nominator for multidisciplinary research?

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