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Digital Preservation 2017: “Preservation is Political”

May 2, 2017

Call for papers and/or posters

fromdu 25 October 2017 toau 26 October 2017

Organized by:Organisé par :
National Digital Stewardship Alliance (NDSA), United States

Location of event:Lieu de l’événement : Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, United States

More info:Plus d’infos : URL

Description :
Proposals are due by May 9th at 11:59pm Pacific Time.
About the NDSA and Digital Preservation 2017

The National Digital Stewardship Alliance is a consortium of more than 160 organizations committed to the long-term preservation and stewardship of digital information and cultural heritage, for the benefit of present and future generations. Digital Preservation 2017 (#digipres17) will help to chart future directions for both the NDSA and digital stewardship, and is expected to be a crucial venue for intellectual exchange, community-building, development of best practices, and national-level agenda-setting in the field.

The conference will be held at the Westin Convention Center “where downtown buzz meets restorative sleep”, just blocks from historic Market Square, The Andy Warhol Museum, boutiques, restaurants, and nightlife. The NDSA strives to create a safe, accessible, welcoming, and inclusive event, and will operate under the DLF Forum’s Code of Conduct.

250-word proposals describing the presentation/demo/poster are invited (500 words for full panel sessions). Please also include a 50-word short abstract for the program if your submission is selected. Submit proposals online.

Deadline: May 9th, 2017 at 11:59pm PT. Continue reading…

Making connections: Re-imagining landscapes

Call for papers and/or posters

fromdu 03 October 2017 toau 06 October 2017

Organized by:Organisé par :
Association for Heritage Interpretation (AHI), United Kingdom

Location of event:Lieu de l’événement : Inverness, Scotland

More info:Plus d’infos : URL

Description :
A’ dèanamh cheanglaichean: A’ beachdachadh às ùr air cruthan-tìre

Making connections: Re-imagining landscapes

This conference will reflect on the complexity of landscapes and the connections people make with them.

Landscapes are where everything is situated or derived from – geology and landforms, habitats and species, resources that sustain life and resources we make things from, places to live and places to create meaning. Landscapes vary from the wild to the managed, rural to urban, and everything in between. We constantly recreate our relationships with landscapes, whether finding the value of true wilderness or creating cultural spaces. The conference will reflect this complexity of landscapes and the connections people make with them.
Whether the primary focus of our work is in natural or cultural heritage, the subjects we interpret are connected to landscapes. Landscapes help to show us how the natural and cultural worlds are fundamentally inter-connected. Heritage interpretation is uniquely placed to support a holistic and integrated view of the landscape, encompassing both natural and cultural heritage.
In Inverness, at the heart of the Scottish Highlands, Making Connections: re-imagining landscapes will highlight the power and potential of our multi-disciplinary approach in enabling people to discover meaning, value and ownership in landscapes, past, present and future. The conference will build on the connected landscape by giving the opportunity for decision-makers, managers, curators and interpreters to learn from each other – across disciplines and beyond borders.
We are seeking papers and workshops which will discuss and demonstrate innovative thinking and good practice in the interpretation of landscapes. We are also looking for proposals that widen the discussion to the role of interpretation in defining, protecting and giving meaning to landscapes. Our audience includes decision-makers, funders, managers, curators and interpreters of landscapes, properties and collections.
We have three conference inspiration strands to help formulate your ideas for papers or workshops. These will help to structure and focus the conference. We also welcome proposals that are relevant to all three themes, explore the role of the interpreter in the landscape more generally, demonstrate how we can learn from landscape-situated interpretation in other contexts or show the landscape connections and contexts of sites and collections where it may otherwise be overlooked.
1. Landscapes as places
What is the role of interpretation in creating connections with nature, place, people and the past? Managing and interpreting landscapes creates opportunities for connecting people to nature and the environment, to the past and other people. They provide rich opportunities for exploration, learning, discovery and reflection Discussions may include the vast range of intellectual, emotional and physical access that interpretation is part of. Can interpretation be part of discussions and decision-making processes on change, development and management at local, national and European levels? How should interpreters shape and respond to European and national charters, conventions and declarations? What is the role of interpretation in contested landscapes or to help people understand conflicting perceptions of landscapes?
2. Landscapes that support life and livelihoods
How can interpretation explore people’s connections with the physical landscape? Rural landscapes supply the essential natural resources we depend on – air, water, food, minerals, metals, stone and timber. Whether we think of drinking water, building materials or the most exquisite objects, they all come from the landscape. Landscapes also influence climate and weather patterns. Landscapes inspire people in many ways, and we look to landscapes for physical and mental health and wellbeing. Human use of resources shapes these landscapes. Urban areas and industrial areas are landscapes in their own rights. Discussions may include ecosystem services, land management, traditional skills and knowledge, and the uses of landscape-derived resources in buildings, industry and material culture.
3. Landscapes as wilderness?
How can we interpret the wild and what does it mean for people and society? Landscapes provoke powerful responses. The idea of the wild has captivated people for generations, from folk stories to modern tourism. It has influenced music and literature, social movements and philosophy. What are wild landscapes and how are they changing? What do concepts of wilderness or wildness mean and how is wilderness being protected? Discussions may include protected areas, cultural landscapes, re-wilding the country and greening the cities.

Please submit an abstract of your presentation or interactive workshop by 29th May using the template on
Abstracts should include the following:
– Length and type of contribution requested: presentation or interactive workshop
– Working title of the paper (max. 100 characters)
– Summary for the conference programme (max. 1000 characters)
– Aim of the presentation / interactive workshop – how it will contribute to one of the subject lines or to the wider study of heritage interpretation (max. 500 characters)-
– Author’s full name, email address and phone number(s)
– Current job title / course and organisation where the author is working / studying
– Résumé of your experience in working with or studying interpretation (max. 400 characters)
Additional information for interactive workshops:
– Activities planned and materials needed (max. 800 characters; for example group work with flip charts, individual work with handouts etc.)
Please note that each accepted paper / workshop must have at least one author who is registered for the conference by 30 June 2017, payment included. Registration will be open from 10
April 2017.
Any presenter may co-author up to two presented papers or workshops (or one of each), but there must be at least two registered delegates to present them.

Submission of abstracts deadline: 29th May 2017

2nd Green Conservation of Cultural Heritage Conference

April 28, 2017

Call for papers and/or posters

fromdu 16 November 2017 toau 18 November 2017

Organized by:Organisé par :
YOuth in COnservation of CUltural Heritage – Yococu, Italy

Location of event:Lieu de l’événement : Palermo, Italy

More info:Plus d’infos : URL

Description :
Green Conservation of Cultural Heritage has been the first international forum for cross-disciplinary research on green and cultural heritage. The toxicity of solvents, chemical mixtures and biocidal products can be harmful to restorers operating on-site and in indoor environments, often without adequate ventilation. Moreover, the disposal of chemical waste could represent a threat to the natural environment, the operators and even people unrelated to the ongoing procedures.Therefore, biotechnology applications, nano-based and innovative materials are an alternative solution for a more sustainable conservation practice. Finally, sustainable conservation of cultural heritage is inextricably linked to the environmental and socio-economical aspect of the territory and to the tourism development.

The aim of the conference is to promote a mindful consideration of ecological, economic and social aspects of conservation practice. International study cases will be presented to offer an interesting insight into new technologies and products, encouraging the exchange of knowledge. Sustainable principles for a more reliable and consciousness conservation of cultural heritage will be also discussed in a specific session, aiming to achieve a multidisciplinary exchange on the various aspects related to the intervention at different scales. Continue reading…

ICOM-CIMUSET Conference: Technical heritage and Cultural Identity

April 27, 2017

Call for papers and/or posters

fromdu 05 December 2017 toau 08 December 2017

Organized by:Organisé par :

Location of event:Lieu de l’événement : Rabat, Morocco

More info:Plus d’infos : URL

Description :
The industrialisation, infrastructure constructions and housing projects have destroyed many historical sites and started transforming many landscapes and effectively delete significant industrial and technical heritage. Former industrial sites have been rebuilt as commercial buildings or became residential areas with no association with previous functions and times. Hopefully, some sites have been preserved as open air museums or technical and industrial museums, trying to preserve and represent the forgotten glory of industrial times through different conservation efforts.

– Technical/industrial: it refers to the physical remains of the history of technology and industry; old factories, mining sites, water-powered mills, warehouses as well as power and transportation infrastructure.

– Cultural Identity: Most common definitions of Cultural Identity presented it as a feeling of being included in a group or culture.

Then the question can be: Do we have this sympathetic felling towards industrial heritage?

Can we consider it as an important element of our cultural identity?

Other issue: Different industrial constructions and infrastructures made by the “invader” after a military occupation of different countries in the 1st and 2nd Wold War.

But, after the independence, can those countries accept this “colonial heritage” as part of their cultural identity and continue to preserve it as a national heritage?

We hope that this conference can be a real forum dedicated to the study of industrial heritage issues and aspects, and an important opportunity for the promotion and interpretation of the technical heritage.


– What’s the relationship between Technical heritage & Cultural Identity?

– How museums can help assimilate that the technical heritage is part of our cultural identity?

– How museums and science centers can represent this reality in their exhibition?

– Relationship between culture and technology

– What is the ‘heritage-isation’ of technics and industry?

– Industrial heritage inside and outside of museums.

– Industrial heritage sites as a World Heritage

– Work-groups sessions: case studies: representing industrial heritage in exhibition.

– How do we address the next generations using new pedagogic tools for presenting technical heritage indoor & outdoor

We encourage museum professionals and scholars to submit papers that relate to the wide themes of our conference. A theoretical and practical approach to issues of industrial and technical and scientific heritage is most welcome.

Please submit you Registration Form and your Call for Paper Application Form with abstract (1000 characters) by midnight (12:00AM, GMT) August 31st, 2017 to :

Submission of abstracts deadline: 31 August 2017

CAPITALizing on HERITAGE : Community, Government & Savoir-Faire

April 20, 2017


fromdu 11 October 2017 toau 14 October 2017

Organized by:Organisé par :
Association for Preservation Technology International and the National Trust for Canada, Canada

Location of event:Lieu de l’événement :

More info:Plus d’infos : URL

Description :
Conference Website Launched!

The Association for Preservation Technology International and the National Trust for Canada, have joined forces to create CAPITALizing on HERITAGE, expected to be the largest ever gathering of conservation practitioners and advocates in Canada.

Conservators, architects, engineers, heritage planners, craftspeople, policy makers, construction managers, cultural landscape specialists and strong community voices will come together to share and showcase the best in technology, policy, means and methods for preserving and renewing heritage buildings, districts and engineering works.

The Conference website will be continually adding more information, so make sure you bookmark and visit often!Ottawa, an historic capital city and the Confederation’s 150th anniversary offer the perfect opportunity to explore how people, policy, and preservation practice intersect to renew landmarks, protect what matters, and create vibrant places.

The Association for Preservation Technology International and the National Trust for Canada have joined forces to create CAPITALizing on HERITAGE, expected to be the largest gathering of conservation practitioners and advocates ever mounted in Canada. Industry professionals and strong community voices will come together to share the best in technology, policy, means and methods for preserving and renewing heritage buildings, sculptures, districts and engineering works.

The conference will capitalize on this rich blend of history, place, ritual and expertise for a truly memorable and inspiring event. Reflecting this diversity, CAPITALizing on HERITAGE will provide an extraordinary opportunity with seven conference tracks organized into three technical tracks, three cultural/community tracks and one track exploring the intersection of policy and technical issues. The papers within each thematic track will range from macro to micro in scale, with subject matter as diverse as cultural landscapes, non-destructive testing, heritage advocacy, engineering, sustainability, and project financing.

Conference Tracks:

Track 1: Documentation and Diagnostics – Understanding Historic Places
Track 2: Design – Planning the Conservation if Historic Places
Track 3: Delivery – Intervening In Historic Places

Track 4: Policy and Practice

Track 5: CANADA 150 – Indigenous Heritage, Diversity, and New Directions
Track 6: Integrating Old and New – Buildings, Districts, and Landscapes
Track 7: Regeneration – Community, Economics, and Equitable Places

11th Hands On! Conference

April 13, 2017


fromdu 11 October 2017 toau 14 October 2017

Organized by:Organisé par :
International Association of children in museums, Czech Republic

Location of event:Lieu de l’événement : Pilsen, Pisek and Prague, Czech Republic

More info:Plus d’infos : URL

Description :
The conference is going to examine the influence of technology on humanity and the education of today’s children, discussing ways of implementing technology into the daily children’s museums work. In addition, a strong focus is going to be on “children as heroes of the future”, looking at ways of how story telling and the promotion of creativity can help children develop ethic values and inner qualities such as empathy, courage and notion of justice.

The conference is open to everybody working with children or interested in working with children in the museums field. Enjoy a friendly family atmosphere, an inspiring program, beautiful sights, peer collaboration and friendly feedback.

Online registration opens on 28 April.

Balkan Heritage 2017 Conservation Workshop

April 12, 2017


Organized by:Organisé par :
Balkan Heritage Field School, Bulgaria

Location of event:Lieu de l’événement : Zakynthos, Greece, Sozopol, Bulgaria, Stobi, Macedonia

More info:Plus d’infos : URL

Description :
Registration for the following conservation workshops will be closing soon:

Workshop for Interventive & Preventive Conservation of Textiles, Paper & Metal, Zakynthos, Greece

Workshop for Conservation of Ancient Greek Pottery, Sozopol, Bulgaria

Workshop for Conservation of Roman Pottery and Glass, Stobi, Macedonia

Workshop for Conservation and Documentation of Roman Mosaics and Mural Paintings, Stobi, Macedonia

Balkan Heritage Field School (BHFS) is a program of the Balkan Heritage Foundation (BHF) intended for education in the fields of archaeology, conservation and art history.
The programs are designed for students, specialists and anyone interested in cultural heritage study and preservation.


*Dr. Eva Todorova*
Admission’s Office
*Balkan Heritage Field School*
7 Tulovo, 5th Floor, Apt.7,
1504 Sofia, Bulgaria
+359 877 725 052
+359 898 681 366

Unroll and Unfold: Preserving Textiles and Thangkas to Last


fromdu 24 November 2017 toau 26 November 2017

Organized by:Organisé par :
International Institute for Conservation of Historic and Artistic Works, The Palace Museum, Beijing, China, Leisure and Cultural Services Department, HKSAR, Conservation Office, China

Location of event:Lieu de l’événement : Hong Kong, China

More info:Plus d’infos : URL

Description :
IIC-Palace Museum 2017 Hong Kong Symposium
Theme: Unroll and Unfold: Preserving Textiles and Thangkas to Last
24-26 November 2017 | Museum of History

We are pleased to announce our upcoming collaboration with IIC and the Palace Museum in Beijing to host a 2½ days symposium in Hong Kong dedicated entirely to the topic of textiles conservation.

Besides conservation, the symposium will also address the artistic and historical aspects of textile artefacts ranging from thangkas, embroideries, archaeological textiles along the Silk Road, and royal and ethnic costumes across the East and West. 18 distinguished textile specialists and scholars from across the world will present case studies and latest research findings on the subjects. Please see our event webpage for more information.

Accompanying the technical session include social events giving delegates a chance to establish professional network and to explore some heritage attractions around Hong Kong. Registration will start in the second quarter of 2017 – Join us in Hong Kong to catch up with your colleagues and make new connections!

We are now offering travel scholarships for conservation and/or museum professionals to attend the IIC-Palace Museum 2017 Hong Kong Symposium. Applicants should read the guidelines and requirements for each scholarship and complete the corresponding application form available at the event website here. Please note each applicant can only apply for one of the listed scholarships. Your completed application form and enquiries about the scholarships should be directed to the Organising Committee ( by the deadline on Sunday 30 April 2017. We are excited to enclose the provisional programme for you to discover what is being covered at the Symposium!
Registration for the event will start in June 2017 – stay tuned!

Organising Committee
IIC-Palace Museum 2017 Hong Kong Symposium

Organising Committee
IIC-Palace Museum 2017 Hong Kong Symposium

Presented by
IIC | Palace Museum | Leisure and Cultural Services Department (LCSD), Hong Kong

Organsied by
Conservation Office, LCSD

Workshop on Islamic Bookbinding for conservators

April 11, 2017


fromdu 24 July 2017 toau 28 July 2017

Organized by:Organisé par :
Islamic Arts Museum Malaysia, Malaysia

Location of event:Lieu de l’événement : Kuala Lumpur

More info:Plus d’infos : URL

Description :
The workshop will be presented by Dr. Karin Scheper, one of the leading authorities on the subject. Over the past years, Karin has carried out extensive research on the Leiden University collection of Islamic manuscripts (while working, at the same time, as a conservator at the University Library). The resulting book, The Technique of Islamic Bookbinding (Brill 2015), won her the 2017 De la Court-award of the Royal Netherlands Academy of Arts and Sciences (KNAW).
The aim of this five-day workshop is to teach attendees how manuscripts were bound in the Islamic world, focusing on the predominant structure but also explaining region-specific characteristics and varieties, and the strengths and functionality of this bookbinding method. The understanding of the composite structure and use of materials will be beneficial to conservation treatments, the development of conservation strategies and the preparation of bound manuscripts for exhibitions.
The workshop will consist of both theoretical and practical components. Under the guidance of Karin Scheper, attendees will make a model of a bound manuscript, allowing them to practice original techniques of sewing, endbanding and covering a text block.

Next to the conservators of the Islamic Arts Museum, the workshop will offer place for a limited number of external conservators. for a registration form and a program please email Eliza Jacobi:

Registration deadline: 26 May 2017


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