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YOCOCU – YOuth in COnservation of CUltural Heritage- 2018

July 26, 2017


fromdu 23 May 2018 toau 25 May 2018

Organized by:Organisé par :
YOCOCU – YOuth in COnservation of CUltural Heritage, Italy

Location of event:Lieu de l’événement : Matera, Italy

More info:Plus d’infos : URL

Description :
it is our great honour to announce and to invite you to take part to the
6th edition of YOCOCU – YOuth in COnservation of CUltural Heritage- 2018
that will take place in Matera (Italy) from the 23rd to the 25th of May.
For detailed information about the conference please visit the
conference website.

The first YOCOCU meeting took place in Rome in 2008, as a small workshop at the Sapienza University. Since then it has grown, increasing the number of participants and becoming a global event. However, the aims of the meetings remain the same:
1) to promote the conservation and valorisation of cultural heritage;
2) to give voice to young professionals and to promote their development
in the sector;
3) to connect senior conservators and young professionals to contribute to the conservation of cultural heritage.
YOCOCU2018 is a forum with the aim to promote the dialogue and partnerships between researchers, conservators and managers on one hand, and civic and community non-governmental organizations on the other. For this reason, it includes special sessions such as Living Lab, dedicated to the participants who can show the products and methods used in their research; Open your art, dedicated to the citizens, the recipients of the divulgation activities; Divulgation events, dedicated to the connection between sponsors, participants and citizens in order to undertake scientific analysis on samples and private objects.
In YOCOCU2018, cultural heritage professionals and researchers and the private sector (citizens, associations, municipalities, cultural heritage institutions) will present their projects, accomplish research and debate future activities and challenges. Together, they will discuss new strategies and establish future priorities. The conference also represents an opportunity for the professional community to realise and learn more about the aims and necessities of civic groups working in the field of cultural heritage and to establish new conservation strategies.
Contributions related to characterisation, diagnostic, conservation and restoration of cultural heritage, archaeometry are welcome. We also encourage participants to work on different topics, e.g. contemporary art, industrial heritage and design, as well as presenting new products, case studies, educational projects and activities. We believe that every single contribution can be of extreme importance for the conference and provide new and interesting approaches to it.
We look forward to hearing from you.
Best wishes,
Andrea Macchia

YOuth in COnservation of CUltural Heritage

International Organization | –
Largo dei Quintili, 21
Roma (Italy)

International Conference on Seismic and Energy Renovation for Sustainable Cities (SER4SC 2018)

July 18, 2017

Call for papers and/or posters

fromdu 01 February 2018 toau 03 February 2018

Organized by:Organisé par :
Università degli Studi di Catania, Dipartimento di Ingegneria Civile e Architettura, Italy

Location of event:Lieu de l’événement : Catania, Italy

More info:Plus d’infos : URL

Description :
we cordially invite you and your research group to submit a paper to the International Conference on Seismic and Energy Renovation for Sustainable Cities (SER4SC 2018), which will be held on 1st-3rd February 2018 in Catania, Sicily – Italy.
SER4SC 2018 is a tailored event to spread the awareness about the relevance of seismic and energy renovation actions to bridge the gap between sustainability and safety, with a link that may conserve both human and environmental resources. The venue of the conference represents a hotspot for the concerned field, therefore attendance is expected to be significant, both in quality and quantity.
The purpose of the conference is to stimulate discussions of new ideas and find new perspectives in traditional methods, approaches, and tools. SER4SC 2018 will provide a comprehensive view of the latest developments relating the reduction of seismic vulnerability and energy dependence of our towns.
SER4SC 2018 Conference Proceedings (E-Book, ISBN: 978-88-96386-56-9) will be published by EdicomEdizioni. Selected papers will be invited to submit an extended version of their research work for the Special Issue of the open access Journal Sustainability (ISSN 2071-1050). Articles accepted for publication in this Journal will get a special reduction of the publication fee.The abstract submission deadline has been extended to 30th July 2017. For more information, please visit the SER4SC 2018 website.
We look forward to welcome you in Sicily! Sicily is beautiful in winter, especially during the world famous Festival of Saint Agatha, which takes place in Catania annually from 3rd to 5th February.
With best regards,
Giuseppe Margani, Vincenzo Sapienza
SER4SC 2018 Organizing Team

Submission of abstracts deadline: 30 July 2017

IIC 2018 Turin Congress – Preventive Conservation: The State of the Art

July 14, 2017


fromdu 10 September 2018 toau 14 September 2018

Organized by:Organisé par :
International Institute for Conservation of Historic and Artistic Works (IIC),

Location of event:Lieu de l’événement : Turin

More info:Plus d’infos : URL

Description :
Turin, 10 – 14 September 2018

It will be 24 years since an IIC Congress last specifically addressed issues in preventive conservation in Ottawa in 1994. During that quarter of a century the field has developed enormously and preventive conservation has moved to the centre stage of museum, site and heritage management, contributing to the sustainability of organisations as well as the care of their collections. In addition to capturing developments and changes in scientific understanding and practice, this congress will focus on current issues that exercise our field. It will build on some recent IIC initiatives, including the 2008 Congress on Conservation and Access and the IIC/ICOM-CC environmental guidelines developed at the 2014 Hong Kong Congress, and will also look to the future.

The location for the 2018 Congress is Turin, a city with a strong international profile and innovative industrial centre and, at the same time, a comfortable, relaxed ambience. Turin has a rich and varied cultural history from its ancient Roman past to the contemporary art scene that has transformed some of its former industrial areas. For three centuries from the late 16th century, the city was enriched under the rule of the Royal House of Savoy, seen in the Baroque splendour of its palaces and churches and its elegant arcaded streets. Royal residences and hunting lodges constructed for pleasure surround the city and the nearby regions of Piemonte and this ‘Crown of Delights’ around Turin is now a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Historic buildings such as these, painted, decorated and furnished with all the elements that contribute to the scheme as a whole, are frequently also the homes of museum collections; most also receive countless visitors: all these varied needs and potential issues are faced by those working within the field of preventive conservation. We do not want to lose the sense of place represented by an historic building, nor to cause damage to frail painted surfaces and furnishings inadvertently while welcoming visitors to experience the history of these unique sites. It is appropriate that one of the Savoy palaces, La Venaria Reale, is home to the Conservation and Restoration Centre, one of our partners in the 2018 Congress, together with the Italian Regional Group of IIC (IGIIC), the City of Turin itself and Turismo Torino e Provincia. Continue reading…

Object – Event – Performance: Art, Materiality, and Continuity since the 1960s

Call for papers and/or posters

fromdu 21 February 2018 toau 24 February 2018

Organized by:Organisé par :
CAA College Art Association, Los Angeles, United States

Location of event:Lieu de l’événement : Los Angeles

More info:Plus d’infos : URL

Description :
Object – Event – Performance: Art, Materiality, and Continuity since the 1960s

A session organized at the 2018 Annual Conference of the College Art Association, Los Angeles February 21-24, 2018

[Send applications to:] Chair: Hanna B. Holling, University College London,

In the 1960s, the art world and its objects began to experience a dramatic shift in what and how art can be. New modes of artistic expression articulated through Fluxus activities, happening, performance, video, experimental film and the emerging practices of media art questioned the idea of a static object that endures unchanged and might thus be subject to a singular interpretation. Different from traditional visual arts, the blending genres and media in art since the 1960s began to transform not only curatorial and museum collecting practices, but also the traditional function and mandate of conservation, now augmented to accept the inherent dynamism and changeability of artworks. How do these artworks endure over time despite their material and conceptual changes? How do their identities unfold contingent on ruling knowledge, values, politics, and culture? Forging an examination of the physical and immaterial aspects of artworks at the intersection of art history and theory, material culture studies, and conservation, our session proposes to interrogate artworks that evade physical stability and fixity familiar from traditional works often conceived in a singular medium and meant to last “forever.” Intrinsically changeable and often short-duration, these artworks challenge art, conservation, and museological discourses. Not only do they test the standard assumptions of what, how and when an artwork is or can be, but they also put forward the notion of materiality in constant flux that plays a significant role in the creation and mediation of meaning.

The deadline for submissions is August 14, 2017. General guidelines for submissions are listed in the 2018 CAA Call for Participation.

Application deadline: 14 August 2017

2018 AIC’s 46th Annual Meeting : Material Matters

July 13, 2017

Call for papers and/or posters

fromdu 29 May 2018 toau 02 June 2018

Organized by:Organisé par :
American Institute for Conservation of Historic and Artistic Works (AIC), United States

Location of event:Lieu de l’événement : Houston, United States

More info:Plus d’infos : URL

Description :
Online Submission Portal Open – Abstract Submission open until 11:59 pm, September 15, 2017.

The 46th AIC Annual Meeting will be held in Houston, TX, May 29-June 2, 2018. The theme for the main conference is: “Material Matters 2018.” Papers are solicited that demonstrate the impact of material studies – or studies of materials – on the conservation profession, including the emergence of innovative treatments, new ways of “looking” and “seeing,” shifts in decision-making and desired outcomes, and changes in collection care strategies. Also welcome are explorations of the impact of trending “materiality” studies in related disciplines including archaeology, museum and curatorial fields, and art history among others. Topics can include, but are not limited to: cutting-edge imaging and analysis techniques of materials, new materials having conservation applications, revelations about the meaning and significance of materials within an artist’s work, and improved methods of authentication. Four concurrent general session sub-themes have been identified with more to be identified based on the submissions. To view the subthemes and to submit an abstract for either the general or a specialty session, please visit the Call for Papers webpage. Continue reading…

7° Convegno di Storia dell’Ingegneria – 3rd International Conference

July 10, 2017

Call for papers and/or posters

fromdu 23 April 2018 toau 24 April 2018

Organized by:Organisé par :
Associazione Italiana di Storia dell’Ingegneria, Italy

Location of event:Lieu de l’événement : Napoli, Italy

More info:Plus d’infos : URL

Description :
The Italian Association of History of Engineering, the National Council of Engineers, The School of Polytechnic and Basic Sciences and the Interdepart-mental Centre of Engineering for Cultural Heritage of University of Napoli Federico II and the Councils of Engineers of Napoli and Salerno organize the 7th International Conference on the History of Engineering 3rd International Conference, to be held in the spring of 2018 in Naples.
The Conference aims to promote the knowledge of Engineering History since its ancient origins, its general aspects and those particular episodes that have marked its path along the centuries. A second key objective is to promote a broad scientific debate on the development of the history of this branch of knowledge, with the direct contribution of engineers and the involvement of scholars of engineering, historians, architects and archivist. Continue reading…

Cultural Heritage, Climate Change and Natural Disasters

July 7, 2017


fromdu 29 January 2018 toau 30 January 2018

Organized by:Organisé par :
Blue Shield Australia, Australia

Location of event:Lieu de l’événement : Canberra, Australia

More info:Plus d’infos : URL

Description :
You are invited to join Blue Shield Australia members and supporters at the 2018 Blue Shield Australia Symposium to be held at the National Library of Australia, Canberra, Australia. The symposium will be held over two days as follows: Monday 29 January 2018—Tours, Workshops and Evening Welcome Reception Tuesday 30 January 2018—Symposium with invited speakers The purpose of the symposium is to share expertise, experiences and case studies of the protection of cultural heritage in times of natural disaster, as well as to discuss climate change and the strategies being put in place by the sector to work towards a sustainable future. The Australia, New Zealand, Asia and Pacific Regions are often affected by natural disasters and we look forward to learning from each other to advance the work of the International Committee of the Blue Shield to safeguard cultural assets for future generations. For more information download the PDF flyer. Registration costs will b
e confirmed by June 2017. Register your interest now.

Registration costs:
Workshop Registration: AU$60
Symposium Registration (including Welcome Reception): AU$210 (Students AU$160)
Register your interest in the Symposium

More information will be available on the Blue Shield Australia Webpage and Facebook
during 2017.

Blue Shield Australia Secretariat c/o Museums Australia (Victoria) PO Box 385 Carlton South VIC 3053
Telephone +61 8341 7135 | Email | Web
BSA 2018 Symposium Organisers: Conference Logistics

11th International Conference in Structural Analysis of Historical Constructions

July 4, 2017

Call for papers and/or posters

fromdu 13 September 2018 toau 15 September 2018

Organized by:Organisé par :
Pontificia Universidad Católica del Perú, Perú

Location of event:Lieu de l’événement : Cusco, Perú

More info:Plus d’infos : URL

Description :
We inform you that, due to the high number of requests we have received, the deadline for abstract submission to the 11th International Conference on Structural Analysis of Historical Constructions – SAHC 2018 is extended until July 21, 2017 (please note that no additional extensions will be considered).

The submission must be made electronically through the SAHC 2018 webpage or using the following link Consider that only one paper submission will be allowed per presenting author.
As previously informed, all accepted papers will be included in the proceedings that will be published by Springer in the RILEM Bookseries. The RILEM Bookseries is indexed in SCOPUS, Google Scholar and SpringerLink. In addition, selected papers will be published in a special issue devoted to SAHC 2018 of the International Journal of Architectural Heritage.

Send us your research work and join us in Cusco, Peru, from 11-13 September, 2018. Please check regularly our website for up-to-date information.

Kind regards,

Organizing Committee SAHC 2018
Prof. Daniel Torrealva
Prof. Rafael Aguilar
Prof. Susana Moreira”

Submission of abstracts deadline: 21 July 2017

Al Azhar’s 14th International Conference on: Engineering, Architecture and Technology

July 3, 2017


fromdu 12 December 2017 toau 14 December 2017

Organized by:Organisé par :
Ierek, Egypt

Location of event:Lieu de l’événement : Cairo, Egypt

More info:Plus d’infos : URL

Description :
Al Azhar Engineering International Conference (AEIC) started since 1989 to be held regularly. Uniquely, the conference covers all major topics of engineering fields.

Al Azhar’s 14th International Conference on: Engineering, Architecture and Technology:

The greatest event about Engineering, Architecture and Technology is taking place in 2017 since IEREK is organizing Al Azhar’s 14th International Conference on: Engineering, Architecture and Technology to be held in Cairo – Egypt at 12 December / 14 December 2017.

AEIC 2017 aims to bring together, scientists, engineers, researchers and other stakeholders from across the globe to discuss the latest scientific advances in all aspects of Engineering.

Call for abstract is now open for International Publication by IEREK Press
Selected papers will be published in ESSD or A book series by Springer.

Conference’s Major Topics will be discussed during this conference as following:

• Civil Engineering.
• Electrical Engineering.
• Systems and Computers Engineering.
• Mining Engineering.
• Petroleum Engineering.
• Mathematics and Physics.
• Mechanical Engineering.
• Architectural Engineering.
• City and Regional Planning.

More information about the conference

Registration deadline: 21 July 2017

Authentication in Art Congress 2018

Call for papers and/or posters

fromdu 07 June 2018 toau 08 June 2018

Organized by:Organisé par :
Authentication in Art (AiA), The Netherlands

Location of event:Lieu de l’événement : The Hague, The Netherlands

More info:Plus d’infos : URL

Description :
Authentication in Art (AiA) invites submissions of proposals of 500–700 words (up to 3000 characters) for oral presentations, to be given at the AiA Congress in The Hague, The Netherlands, 7-8 June, 2018. The congress language is English.
The Topics of the 2018 AiA Congress will be: ­Technical Art History, The Center of it all: The Object and the ­AiA/NAI Mediation Board (Art & Law). Please select one of the above mentioned topics, to submit your paper for consideration. If you have a paper of a broader theme, you are welcome to submit it as an unallocated paper; however, space for such unallocated papers is strictly limited.
Please submit your proposal to before 1 November 2017.

Authors will be informed whether their work has been selected for further consideration by 1 January 2018. If selected, you will be invited to develop the proposal into a synopsis of 1,000–1,200 words, which will be required for printed conference abstracts by 1 March 2018. A publication of conference papers in the form of digital publication is planned.

Papers presented at and published as a result of the AiA Congress will all undergo a peer review process. To this end, the AiA Working Groups are appointing a Committee of international experts who will make selections from the proposals received and selected authors will be invited to develop the proposal into a synopsis. Authors may then be requested to refine the synopses as necessary, and the versions will be edited for publication by the Congress Editorial Committee. Please bear in mind that submissions of papers should not address topics that have been presented and/or published elsewhere before the date of the Congress in June 2018, or which are slated for publication at a later date. Should an author be invited to present a paper, the conference organizers will provide for travel and accommodation for speakers at the Congress. The Selection ­Committee can also decide, with approval of the submitter, that the paper will be presented in the form of a poster presentation.

Please contact us at for any questions or more information.

Submission of abstracts deadline : 01 November 2017


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