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Cadena de accesibilidad en sitios patrimoniales y turísticos: gestión y discapacidad

July 27, 2017


fromdu 14 August 2017 toau

Organized by:Organisé par :
Fundación ILAM, Costa Rica

Location of event:Lieu de l’événement : Online

More info:Plus d’infos : URL

El objetivo que se busca es explicar, desde la experiencia profesional (como responsable del Patrimonio Cultural de un municipio), pero también personal como discapacitado físico, el concepto de “cadena de accesibilidad”, y su aplicación, en contextos patrimoniales y museísticos reales, reconociendo los problemas cotidianos existentes y estableciendo, con pragmatismo y desde la realidad, qué suele ocurrir y cómo se debe intentar afrontar los problemas que vayan surgiendo en el camino.

Partiremos de las distintas definiciones del concepto de “accesibilidad”, deteniéndonos especialmente en el concepto e importancia de la “cadena de accesibilidad”, explicando cuáles son sus elementos fundamentales, su importancia intrínseca, y en qué medida pueden fracasar nuestros proyectos si no se cumple dicha cadena en todos sus eslabones. Posteriormente, con los conceptos aclarados se pasa a exponer la puesta en práctica de los mismos en algunas actuaciones reales en donde se haya intervenido para la instalación de infraestructuras museísticas en espacios patrimoniales protegidos. Se termina por exponer los pros y los contras de dichas actuaciones, estableciendo un decálogo de medidas a desarrollar para intentar garantizar el éxito de las mismas.

La conclusión general del Taller parte de la idea de la necesidad de llevar a cabo actuaciones que cumplan con el concepto y exigencias de la cadena de accesibilidad, pero se exponen casos concretos en donde por diversas circunstancia se aprecia la dificultad que existe, a diario, con su real aplicación. En cualquier caso, se establecen las pautas que se consideran necesarias para que, si se cumplen, puedan llevarse a cabo con éxito dichas actuaciones.

Revista Conserva N° 21


New Publication

Centro Nacional de Conservación y Restauración (Cncr) , Chile

More info:Plus d’infos : URL

Volumen que da cuenta de diversos temas sobre conservación y restauración.

Está dirigida a especialistas en patrimonio cultural como a público general interesado en el tema. Constituye una alternativa para exponer los avances disciplinarios de la conservación-restauración en materias teóricas, metodológicas y técnicas, así como también de otros ámbitos disciplinarios que investigan y problematizan el campo patrimonial.

Director, Heritage Information


Canadian Conservation Institute, Canada

Job location:Lieu de travail : Ottawa, Canada

More info:Plus d’infos : URL

The Heritage Group is looking for a passionate and dynamic individual who will create an innovative culture to advance the Directorate’s practices, programs and policies on a national and international scale.

Application deadlineDate limite de dépôt des candidatures :
09 August 2017

Gauguin Paintings, Sculpture, and Graphic Works at the Art Institute of Chicago


Art Institute of Chicago, United States

More info:Plus d’infos : URL

*Gauguin Paintings, Sculpture, and Graphic Works* at the Art Institute of Chicago is the fifth online collection catalogue dedicated to an artist of the Impressionist circle. It features works that span Paul Gauguin’s career, including nine paintings, over 180 works on paper, a ceramic sculpture, and a cabinet. Entries from curators and conservators; illustrated with high-resolution photography and 360-degree views offer fresh insights into
Gauguin’s technique, show how he consistently pushed artistic approaches in new directions, and draw fascinating connections between his life and work. The publication is free and has received generous funding from the Andrew W. Mellon Foundation as well as from the Art Institute?s David and Mary Winton Green Nineteenth-Century Research Fund. It was built with the OSCI Toolkit, an open-source digital publishing platform.



New Publication


More info:Plus d’infos : URL

e-δialogos is an annual digital journal on research in conservation and cultural heritage.

Future Smart Cites


fromdu 25 September 2018 toau 27 September 2018

Organized by:Organisé par :
IEREK, Egypt

Location of event:Lieu de l’événement : Alexandria, Egypt

More info:Plus d’infos : URL

Description :
A smart city is an urban development vision to integrate information and Internet of things technology in a secure fashion to manage a city’s assets include local departments’ information systems, schools, libraries, transportation systems, hospitals and other community services. It is promoted to use urban informatics and technology to improve the efficiency of services to enable a better quality of life.

So, as a first step toward change IEREK is lunching “Future Smart Cities Conference” for the first time in hopes of disseminating research and knowledge on the methods through which cities may be transformed into Smart cities. And the topics are:
1- The Development of Cities
2- Transportation in Cities
3- Smart building
4- Sustainability in Cities
5- Computing for Future Cities

Registration deadline: 28 February 2018 earlybird

Metrology for Archaeology and Cultural Heritage

July 26, 2017

Call for papers and/or posters

fromdu 23 October 2017 toau 25 October 2017

Organized by:Organisé par :
Università del Salento, Ministero dei Beni e delle Attività Culturali e del Turismo, Istituto per i Beni Archeologici e Monumentali, International Measurement Confederation, Italy

Location of event:Lieu de l’événement : Lecce, Italy

More info:Plus d’infos : URL

Description :
The word metrology has a long tradition, deriving from the Greek word for measure. The knowledge about anything is complete only when it can be expressed in numbers and something is known about it. Measurements play a fundamental role in every field of investigation and present day scientific and technological progress has resulted from progress in the field of measurements.
Metrology, the science of measurements, includes all aspects both theoretical and practical with reference to measurements, whatever their uncertainty, and in whatever fields of science or technology they occur. Consequently the field of valorisation, characterisation and preservation of Cultural Heritage too is deeply related to the metrological issues for the collection, interpretation and validation of data collected with the different analytical, physical-chemical, mechanical techniques, digital technologies, new ICT tools, etc…
METROARCHAEO2017 wants to gather together Heritage scientists in universities, research institutions, museums, galleries, libraries, archives, small and medium enterprises.
The conference program is conceived to foster exchanges of ideas and information, make connections and collaborations, update innovation on “measurements” suitable for Cultural Heritage among material scientists, chemists, physicists, engineers, archaeologists, conservators, restorers, etc..
Examples of technologies that may be object of presentations are indicated below.
Accurate and appropriate measured survey and imaging data is a fundamental requirement for the effective conservation, management and understanding of our cultural heritage. Such data that need to be cost-effective and sensitive to the nature of the site and any interventions proposed may be considered.
Archaeogeophysic methods represent a range of non-invasive surveying with geophysical techniques, as GPR, Geoelectric, EM, Geomagnetic, Gravity, Seismic, which can highlight the buried contrasts between subsurface features and human activity, may be considered, as well as Geoarchaeology, the ‘earth-science’ approach to archaeological interpretation.
Measurements deriving from the large number of analytical methodologies and tools, molecular and elemental spectroscopic techniques, chemometrics, chemical reactivity and modeling, etc., nowadays available are of interest for the conference. Data on the impacts of natural and anthropogenic environmental stressors, the decaying pathways of the different materials in the surrounding environment, the development of new remediation processes as cleaning, consolidation, rehabilitation, etc., based on the chemical knowledge can be considered.
Summarizing, METROARCHAEO2017 is designed to profit of a multidisciplinary approach to give to the Cultural heritage community, from archaeologists to historians, conservators, engineers, material scientists, etc… a complete picture of the measurements utilizations and data treatments with the ultimate goal of increasing knowledge on the characterization and safeguard of archaeological and historic heritage, generally addressed in sectorial conferences. Continue reading…

YOCOCU – YOuth in COnservation of CUltural Heritage- 2018


fromdu 23 May 2018 toau 25 May 2018

Organized by:Organisé par :
YOCOCU – YOuth in COnservation of CUltural Heritage, Italy

Location of event:Lieu de l’événement : Matera, Italy

More info:Plus d’infos : URL

Description :
it is our great honour to announce and to invite you to take part to the
6th edition of YOCOCU – YOuth in COnservation of CUltural Heritage- 2018
that will take place in Matera (Italy) from the 23rd to the 25th of May.
For detailed information about the conference please visit the
conference website.

The first YOCOCU meeting took place in Rome in 2008, as a small workshop at the Sapienza University. Since then it has grown, increasing the number of participants and becoming a global event. However, the aims of the meetings remain the same:
1) to promote the conservation and valorisation of cultural heritage;
2) to give voice to young professionals and to promote their development
in the sector;
3) to connect senior conservators and young professionals to contribute to the conservation of cultural heritage.
YOCOCU2018 is a forum with the aim to promote the dialogue and partnerships between researchers, conservators and managers on one hand, and civic and community non-governmental organizations on the other. For this reason, it includes special sessions such as Living Lab, dedicated to the participants who can show the products and methods used in their research; Open your art, dedicated to the citizens, the recipients of the divulgation activities; Divulgation events, dedicated to the connection between sponsors, participants and citizens in order to undertake scientific analysis on samples and private objects.
In YOCOCU2018, cultural heritage professionals and researchers and the private sector (citizens, associations, municipalities, cultural heritage institutions) will present their projects, accomplish research and debate future activities and challenges. Together, they will discuss new strategies and establish future priorities. The conference also represents an opportunity for the professional community to realise and learn more about the aims and necessities of civic groups working in the field of cultural heritage and to establish new conservation strategies.
Contributions related to characterisation, diagnostic, conservation and restoration of cultural heritage, archaeometry are welcome. We also encourage participants to work on different topics, e.g. contemporary art, industrial heritage and design, as well as presenting new products, case studies, educational projects and activities. We believe that every single contribution can be of extreme importance for the conference and provide new and interesting approaches to it.
We look forward to hearing from you.
Best wishes,
Andrea Macchia

YOuth in COnservation of CUltural Heritage

International Organization | –
Largo dei Quintili, 21
Roma (Italy)

Iron Gall Ink: Decision Making and Treatment Practices

July 25, 2017


fromdu 06 November 2017 toau 09 November 2017

Organized by:Organisé par :
Canadian Conservation Institute, Canada

Location of event:Lieu de l’événement : Ottawa, Ontario, Canada

More info:Plus d’infos : URL

Description :
This November, CCI will be hosting the Iron Gall Ink: Decision Making and Treatment Practices workshop. This event will incorporate more than 20 years of international research into the chemistry, degradation and treatment of metallo-gallic inks. The workshop is structured as one day of lectures followed by three days of hands-on laboratory experience. The facilitators will present new tools and techniques for treatment, as well as instructions taken from Eliza Jacobi’s Local Repairs on Iron Gall Ink workshop.
Dates: Monday, November 6, to Thursday, November 9, 2017
Location: Canadian Conservation Institute, 1030 Innes Road, Ottawa, Ontario
Application deadline: September 6, 2017
Language of instruction: English (some documents will be made available in French)
Facilitators/Instructors: Eliza Jacobi, Paper Conservator (Practice-in-Conservation, Amsterdam); Crystal Maitland, Paper Conservator (CCI); Season Tse, Conservation Scientist (CCI)
Please visit our website for additional information, including various workshop delivery and registration options, selection criteria, materials and supplies, as well as how to apply.

Registration deadline:: 06 September 2017


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