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Workshop: Technical Photography

October 25, 2017


fromdu 24 January 2018 toau 26 January 2018

Organized by:Organisé par :
Stichting Restauratie Atelier Limburg (SRAL), The Netherlands

Location of event:Lieu de l’événement : Limburg, The Netherlands

More info:Plus d’infos : URL

Description :
Workshop: Technical Photography
Dr Antonino Cosentino
Cultural Heritage Science Open Source (CHSOS)
24th – 26th January 2018 at SRAL Studios
SRAL will host the CHSOS three day training workshop on ‘Practical Methods for Art Examination’. CHSOS serves an international audience of art professionals: conservators, art historians, and conservation scientists. Its technical innovations and strategies are being adopted by museums and cultural institutions worldwide. CHSOS disseminates this knowledge through the CHSOS website, publications, and training programmes.

CHSOS training programmes teach practical methods for Art Examination and Documentation. The modules illustrate imaging and spectroscopy methods regularly used by cultural heritage scientists and conservators for the scientific and forensic investigation of art objects.

All the training modules have hands-on activities and students practice with the CHSOS equipment.

The ideal audience is made of art and archaeology professionals: conservators, conservation scientists, art appraisers and fine art photography. No specific educational background is necessary. CHSOS courses are designed for a large audience ranging from art professionals to scientists.

A Technical Photography documentation consists of a collection of scientific images realised with a modified digital camera sensitive to the spectral range about 360-1000 nm. Each image provides just a bit of information but all together they represent the most practical and successful methodology to study art and archaeology.

*Training modules***
CHSOS offers instruction on these methods:

Technical Photography (TP), Panoramic Infrared Reflectography (PIRR), Reflectance Spectroscopy (RS), ReflectanceTransformation Imaging (RTI) and Multispectral Imaging (MSI).

This 3-day training program will present all the methods:
1st day. Technical Photography
2nd day. Infrared Reflectography, Reflectance spectroscopy, RTI
3rd day. Multispectral Imaging

*Instructor Biography***
The Training program will be run by Dr Antonino Cosentino. CHSOS’s director. Dr. Antonino Cosentino is a Ph.D. physicist specialized in Art diagnostics who has taught”Scientific Methods for Art Investigation” in Europe and US. He is an expert in imaging and analytical techniques which he has carried out on important works of art for European and American Institutions and private collectors. For more information on his scientific work visit Dr. Cosentino on Researchgate , Linkedin , and or check out our publications .

*Workshop fees*
Standard: EUR 750.00

Deadline for registration:
15 December2017

Workshop fees will include lunches.
Registration forms are available at

Numbers are limited to 15 participants and are allocated on a first come basis.

Discount bookings for accommodation at Townhouse Design Hotel only through SRAL.

Organisers: Kate Seymour and Siska Losse

*Stichting Restauratie Atelier Limburg (SRAL) *is a leading institute specialised in the conservation and restoration of paintings, sculptures, contemporary artworks and historic interiors. We provide an integrated approach to conservation issues through research, consultancy and education.

Getting started: a shared responsibility : Caring for time-based media artworks in collections


fromdu 11 June 2018 toau 15 June 2018

Organized by:Organisé par :
The Museum of Modern Art’s Media Conservation Initiative, United States

Location of event:Lieu de l’événement : New York, United States

More info:Plus d’infos : URL

Description :
Does your institution have a collection of time-based media artworks in need of a long-term preservation plan? Are you uncertain where to get started? This five-day hands-on workshop will provide an in-depth overview of the processes and workflows which can be implemented at collections without dedicated time-based media conservators. Participants will leave with the knowledge and tools to design and execute action plans at their institutions.

Caring for time-based media art collections is widely acknowledged as a pan-institutional endeavor requiring direct involvement from curatorial, conservation, audio visual, IT, registration and collection care staff. This collaboration will be reflected throughout the curriculum as well as in the workshop application itself which requires a pair of colleagues from each applying institution. This workshop specifically requires that a curator and collection care specialist apply together as these positions have the expertise and authority to advocate for proper collection stewardship. The curriculum will cover activities pertaining to acquiring, exhibiting, installing, documenting, and advocating for media artworks.

Requirements for Application: This workshop is open to pairs of applicants: one curator and one conservator/collection care staff member (conservator, audio visual technician, collection specialist or manager, etc.) directly responsible for the care of the time-based media art collection. Priority will be given to institutions who are actively acquiring, with mid-sized media artwork collections that have significant needs, and require in-house staff training. Participants are expected to attend the full week-long program.

How to Apply: Applicants must provide a joint letter of interest (1,000 words maximum), and one letter of institutional support from the Director, or equivalent level. Co-applicants must be permanent members of staff (full or part-time) and each must provide a CV. Additionally, applicants must complete one online Collection Data Form. Applications which do not meet all requested requirements will not be considered.

The letter of interest must include: 1) why participation in this workshop is important to the collection; 2) a brief history of the media art collection; 3) candidates’ work with the media art collection to date; 4) how this workshop directly applies to applicants’ day-to-day work; 5) evidence of institutional commitment such as working groups, any specific initiatives or surveys, and demonstrable institutional desire to take action; and 6) prior experience with the topic or lack thereof as well as any relevant conferences or workshops attended on related topics.

Travel and lodging expenses may be reimbursed, based on need. Please submit a basic budget of anticipated costs as part of the application. There is no fee for this workshop; English will be the language of instruction. Applications should be submitted to no later than January 16, 2018 with notifications expected by early to mid March. For more information:

This workshop is part of The Museum of Modern Art’s Media Conservation Initiative, generously funded by The Andrew W. Mellon Foundation. The Media Conservation Initiative seeks to advance new strategies for the field of time-based media art preservation and restoration.

Registration deadline: 16 January 2018

Natural and man-made hazard impact on urban areas

October 24, 2017


New Publication

Maria Bostenaru Dan/”Ion Mincu” University of Architecture and Urbanism and Mirela Adriana Anghelache/Institute of Geodynamics of the Romanian Academy, “Ion Mincu” Publishing House, Bucharest, Romania

This book is a collection of short essays on the topic of the role of urban planning in natural and man-made disasters. Starting 2013 a number of events took place at the Centre for Architectural and Urban Studies (CSAU) of the “Ion Mincu” University of Architecture and Urbanism on the topic of the impact of natural and man-made hazards on urban areas. These included guests with experience in Portugal and from the cooperation with Portugal in European networks. From this point of view the book is a continuation of a former publication of CSAU, regarding the impact of the 1755 Lisbon earthquake. The book is bilingual, in Romanian and English.

AIC 46th Annual Meeting : 2018 STASH Flash Storage Tips session

Call for papers and/or posters

fromdu 29 May 2018 toau 02 June 2018

Organized by:Organisé par :
American Institute for Conservation AIC, United States

Location of event:Lieu de l’événement : Houston, TX, United States

More info:Plus d’infos : URL

Description :

To complement AIC’s 46th Annual Meeting conference theme, the 2018 STASH Flash Storage Tips session will focus on the interplay between the material composition of artifacts and the materials chosen for the construction of storage and support solutions. The program covering storage solutions for all collection types has been scheduled as part of the Collection Care session and will be followed by additional talks related to storage rehousing. The program will utilize a lightening round or ‘Tips’ format as well as guided, audience participatory discussion. We are calling for contributions of short (5 minute) tips on the following themes:
An item’s composition will affect the materials chosen for storage as well as the design. How is your storage solution guided by the relationship between collection materials and storage materials?
Quality materials appropriate for long-term storage are expensive. How have you adapted economical non-archival materials to make them safe for use in a storage solution?
Do you have a tips on a new material that will expand our range of choices for storage?
Innovative storage solutions for individual artifacts or collection groups that do not conform to either theme will be accepted if space allows.
Presenters will be asked to show up with their solution in a ready format for uploading to the STASH website ( after the conference.
To submit your ideas please send a short abstract including the following information to Rachael Arenstein ( ) or Lisa Goldberg ( ) by December 22, 2017.
Object/collection type:
And a description of approx. 150 words on the project
Thank you from the session organizers,
Lisa Goldberg, STASH Editorial Committee Chair
Rachael Arenstein, AIC e-Editor
Karen Pavelka, Collection Care Program Chair
Gretchen Guidess, Collection Care Program Committee

Submission of abstracts deadline: 22 December 2017

The Cultural Heritage of Europe @ 2018 Re-assessing a Concept – Re-defining its Challenges

Call for papers and/or posters

fromdu 04 June 2018 toau 05 June 2018

Organized by:Organisé par :
LabEx « Écrire une Histoire Nouvelle de l’Europe », University Paris-Sorbonne, France

Location of event:Lieu de l’événement : Paris, France

More info:Plus d’infos : URL

Description :

Today’s globalized concept of cultural heritage is often understood as a product of European modernity with its 19th-century emergence of territorially fixed nation-states and collective identity constructions. Within the theoretical overlap of the disciplines of history (of art), archaeology and architecture cultural properties and built monuments were identified and embedded into gradually institutionalized protection systems. In the colonial context up to the mid-20th century this specific conception of cultural heritage was transferred to non-European contexts, internationalized in the following decades after the WWII and taken as universal.
Postcolonial, postmodern and ethnically pluralistic viewpoints did rightly question the supposed prerogative of a European Leitkultur. Only rather recently did critical heritage studies engage with the conflicting implications of progressively globalized standards of cultural heritage being applied in very local, non-European and so-called ‘traditional’ contexts. However, in order to bridge what academia often tends to essentialize as a ‘Western’ and ‘non-Western’ divide of opposing heritage conceptions, a more balanced viewpoint is also needed in order to update the conceptual foundations of what ‘cultural heritage of/in Europe’ means today.
The European Cultural Heritage Year 2018 – a campaign with unquestioned assumptions?
Right at the peak of an identity crisis of Europe with financial fiascos of whole nation states, military confrontations and refortified state borders at its continental peripheries with inflows of refugees from the Near East and the Global South did the European Council and Parliament representatives reach a provisional agreement to establish a European Year of Cultural Heritage in 2018. With affirmative slogans such as “We Europeans” and “our common European heritage”, the campaign intends to “raise awareness of European history and values, and strengthen a sense of European identity” (Press release of the European Council, 9 February 2017). However, with its unquestioned core assumption of the validity of Europe’s territorial status with simply interconnected borderlines of its affiliated member states and of a given collective ‘we’-identity within the European Union, this cultural-political campaign risks to miss the unique chance of a critical re-assessment of how a ‘European’ dimension of cultural heritage can be conceptualized in today’s globalized and inter-connected reality. Continue reading…

Urban Regeneration and Sustainability (URS)

Call for papers and/or posters

fromdu 05 February 2018 toau 08 February 2018

Organized by:Organisé par :
IEREK International Experts for Research Enrichment and Knowledge Exchange, Egypt

Location of event:Lieu de l’événement : UEL, University of East London, United Kingdom

More info:Plus d’infos : URL

Description :
🔊 If you are a #Researcher or #Academic interested in urban Regeneration, architecture, green building, green infrastructure, landscape, alternative energy, urbanism and sustainability.
Here is your opportunity to meet with the folks in your field and share your research paper, join us at the international conference of Urban Regeneration and Sustainability #URS
📝 Register Online & Submit your #abstract

For more information & registration
For conference Topics:
Conference Email:

Submission of abstracts deadline: 05 June 2018

Urban Conservation in Historical Cities 2nd


fromdu 05 February 2018 toau 08 February 2018

Organized by:Organisé par :
IEREK International Experts for Research Enrichment and Knowledge Exchange, Egypt

Location of event:Lieu de l’événement : Luxor, Aswan, Egypt

More info:Plus d’infos : URL

Description :
A journey to the Past,
Enjoy the Egypt experience at a #Nile_Cruise, starting from the city of Luxor down to Aswan – Egypt from 5 February to 8 February 2018.
Hurry up and Register for the “Urban Conservation of Heritage workshop”, Students and post graduate pay only the accommodation,
Get the opportunity to:
1- Attend workshop sessions
2- Attend conference discussions
3- Meet professors and experts in several fields
4- Join excursions/outings
Apply here

Registration deadline: 06 January 2018

Fourth international conference on Integrated Pest Management (IPM)

October 23, 2017


fromdu 21 May 2019 toau 23 May 2019

Organized by:Organisé par :
Swedish National Heritage Board, Sweden

Location of event:Lieu de l’événement : Stockholm, Sweden

Description :
Save the date for IPM 2019 in Stockholm!

The Swedish National Heritage Board with partners are honoured to host the fourth international conference on Integrated Pest Management (IPM) in Stockholm, Sweden, in two years time. The dates are set for 21-23 May 2019, with an IPM-course preceding the conference on May 20th. A conference website will be launched later with more information and a first call for presentations and posters. We are early in advertising the conference – we hope for many interesting contributions that may need planning.

Lisa Nilsen
Swedish National Heritage Board

Industrial Heritage

October 20, 2017


fromdu 08 January 2018 toau 30 April 2018

Organized by:Organisé par :
Athabasca University – Heritage Resources Management, Canada

Location of event:Lieu de l’événement : Online and one week in-residence in St. Albert, Alberta, Canada

More info:Plus d’infos : URL

Athabasca University’s Heritage Resources Management Program will be offering a new course, Industrial Heritage, for the upcoming winter semester from January to April 2018 (14 weeks online and one week in-person).

Participants will start the training online by learning about theoretical frameworks as they relate to conservation, interpretation, and management planning of industrial heritage. During the week of March 25-31, 2018, participants will have the opportunity to work in team on a project at St. Albert’s Grain Elevator Park (Alberta). Please be advised that attending this one-week in-residency component is required in order to successfully complete the course.
This training makes participants familiar with the principle characteristics of the industrial heritage and the array of tools and techniques used for its study, care, and use. The practical application of techniques in the analysis and documentation of industrial sites is a fundamental aspect of industrial heritage education, and beside the online component of the course, participation in one-week in residence project forms a central part of the training.

Participants will be able to analyze historic industrial artifacts, sites, and landscapes and identify and demonstrate industrial heritage’s most significant elements. They will exercise skills to develop management policies for heritage planning, sustainable repurposing and urban regeneration, research, museum collections and historic interpretation, and cultural tourism.
Everyone is welcome to register in this course. Participants can take the course either as part of their university studies (3 credits) or for professional development (as a non-program student).
Note: The course registration deadline is December 1, 2017.

Continue reading…

6th International Conference on Heritage and Sustainable Development

Call for papers and/or posters

fromdu 12 June 2018 toau 15 June 2018

Organized by:Organisé par :
Green Lines Institute, University of Granada, Spain

Location of event:Lieu de l’événement : Granada, Spain

More info:Plus d’infos : URL

Description :
The Organising Committee of HERITAGE 2018 – 6th International Conference on Heritage and Sustainable Development – 10th Anniversary Edition would like to remind you that call for papers is open until 31 October 2017.

The Conference will be held in Granada, Spain, on 12-15 June 2018, in partnership with the Higher Technical School for Building Engineering (ETSIE), University of Granada.

HERITAGE 2018 is a peer-reviewed conference.

Abstracts may be submitted under the following topics:

01- Heritage and governance for sustainability
02- Heritage and society
03- Heritage and environment
04- Heritage and economics
05- Heritage and culture
06- Heritage and education for the future
07- Preservation of historic buildings and structures
08- Heritage and cultural tourism
09- Special Chapter: Muslim heritage

A Special Chapter will welcome papers on Muslim Heritage.

For more information, visit the conference website.


Submission of abstracts deadline: 31 October 2017


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