Promoting People-Centred Approaches

October 2, 2015

Engaging Communities in the Conservation of Nature and Culture – PCA15

Rome and the Bay of Naples, 5-16 October 2015

PCAICCROM is pleased to announce the commencement of its first course on Promoting People-Centred Approaches: Engaging Communities in the Conservation of Nature and Culture (PCA15).

This short course is aimed at conservation practitioners, providing them with the necessary knowledge and tools to work more effectively with communities through existing management systems. It will also be used as an opportunity to create a forum for participants to share their experiences in both the cultural and natural heritage sectors, learning from each other and other heritage practitioners who are actively involved with communities. This intensive short course will consists of lectures, interactive sessions on sharing experiences and practical exercises based on a real-life case study in the Bay of Naples.

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Course on Stone Conservation begins in Rome

April 15, 2015

Another stone course?
What’s new?
What’s different?

poster for the 2015 stone courseFor the nineteenth time since 1976 a group of mid-career professionals from 20 different countries are gathering for the International Course on Stone Conservation co-organized by ICCROM in partnership with the Getty Conservation Institute. The Non-Catholic Cemetery in Rome will be hosting the field activities throughout the course and YoCoCu will provide assistance during lab exercises.

Thirty-two lecturers from universities, museums, national cultural organizations and conservation practices all over the world have been selected to offer the best possible training in the field. The ICCROM-Getty team will be running the course together for the fourth time now, with ICCROM Consultant Simon Warrack and GCI Project Specialist Benjamin Marcus acting as course coordinators.

We received over ninety applications and it is a tough job to select 20 from so many enthusiastic and competent applicants. The participants are the life blood of the course and it is they who benefit from not only the training but the shared work and life experience from all over the world. They will take this new knowledge back to their countries to share with their colleagues and students. Continue reading…

RE-ORG International in Canada and Southeast Europe

October 21, 2014

RE-Org International 2014 Southeast Europe team (top) and Canada team (bottom)Over the next year, 21 museums led by the Canadian Conservation Institute (CCI) and the Central Institute for Conservation in Belgrade (CIK) will reorganize their storage to ensure better conservation and the access to their collections. The project-based training initiatives are using the RE-ORG storage reorganization methodology created by ICCROM and UNESCO and available for free online.

The projects will include workshops and distance mentoring using a new online training platform developed by ICCROM and its partners to facilitate the use of the RE-ORG resource.

RE-ORG: Canada, a national initiative is organized by CCI in collaboration with the Ontario Museums Association and the Museums Assistance Program (MAP). Six museums selected across the province of Ontario are participating. Future editions of RE-ORG: Canada, will take place in other provinces.

RE-ORG: SEE is a regional initiative for Southeast Europe, organized by CIK and the Regional Alliance of ICOM for South East Europe – ICOM SEE, with the support of the Serbian Ministry of Culture, ICOM and the Annenberg Foundation. Fifteen museums from Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, the Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia, Montenegro, Serbia and Slovenia are participating. Continue reading…