The Importance of International Collaboration

December 10, 2015

Olympia Resolution – The Importance of international collaboration for the protection of national cultural properties

Statement from Dr emeritus Wolf-Dieter Heilmeyer, Director, Antikensammlung (Collection of Classical Antiquities), Staatliche Museen zu Berlin:

As a contribution to the “Art and Culture” section at the Olympia Symposium entitled “The need for Constructive Dialogue between Peoples and Cultures” (Ancient Olympia, 1-7 September 2015), the lecture “The importance of international collaboration for the protection of national cultural properties” took account* of the ongoing “discrepancy between archaeology as a science oriented towards contextual evidence, protection of monuments and commitment to enlightenment, and the fate of archaeological objects that have been torn out of context, robbed of their provenance, and looted from devastated pits: objects that year after year arrive illegally on the antiquities market, in private collections and museums.”** The reasons for withholding documentation of these objects, namely their illegal excavation and unlawful export from the country of origin, are judicially intolerable. Every day our newspapers are full of recently plundered sites in regions endangered by war. Continue reading…

RE-ORG China: Wuhou Shrine, Chengdu

September 22, 2015

Re-Org ChinaFollowing ICCROM’s 2010 survey, it was recognized that 60% of museum collections are at serious risk due to overcrowding and poor storage conditions. Immediately afterwards, ICCROM launched the development of the RE-ORG methodology in partnership with UNESCO. As a result, the General Assembly of ICCROM urged the 134 Member States to consider this major issue in November 2013. The international RE-ORG programme was launched. The methodology developed for this programme has since been applied in Argentina, Canada, India, Iraq, and Serbia.

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Olympia Resolution 2015

September 18, 2015

Palaestra, Olympia, GreeceFrom 1 to 7 September, an international symposium entitled “The need of a constructive dialogue between peoples and cultures and the Olympic idea” was held at the site of Ancient Olympia, Greece.  The conference was given under the auspices of the International Olympic Academy and was organized by Dr Spyros Mercouris, President of HORIZONS – Human & Cultural Activities, together with a range of international partners.

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Communication and teaching skills

July 20, 2015

International Summer School on Communication and Teaching skills in Conservation and Science
13 – 24 July 2015. Rome, Italy

The second edition of the International Summer School on Communication and Teaching skills in Conservation and Science began on 15 July at the ICCROM headquarters in Rome. This two-week training session has brought together professionals from a variety of countries and backgrounds to explore the potential of different didactic approaches, approaches to learning about conservation and science, and revisiting existing practices. Learning is taking place through interactive sessions both in the classroom and around Rome. Continue reading…

New Intern: Eirini Gallou

October 14, 2014

Eirini Gallou, intern from GreeceEirini Gallou from Greece is carrying out an internship with ICCROM until mid December.

Eirini has a Master in Architecture, Urbanism and Building Sciences, with a specialization in RMIT (restoration, modification, intervention and transformation) from the Delft University of Technology, Netherlands. Her thesis was on “Transforming neighbourhoods: Feijenoord, Rotterdam”. She also holds a Master Diploma in Architectural Engineering from the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, Greece.

In addition to formal training, Eirini has carried out internships and work experiences in architecture and conservation in her native Greece, as well as the Netherlands and Belgium.

While at ICCROM, she will be working on activities related to built heritage.

Member State represented: Greece