Japanese Paper Course Closes

September 20, 2017

International Course on Conservation of Japanese Paper, 28 August to 15 September 2017

Japanese Paper Course Closes - Logos

Japanese Paper Course ClosesThe 2017 edition of the JPC-Japanese Paper Conservation course closed in Tokyo on 15 September. This highly specialized three-week event was held from 28 August to 15 September 2017.

The course aims to offer a holistic knowledge and experience of Japanese paper and Japanese traditional conservation approaches and techniques to ten conservation professionals coming from a range of Member States.

A mix of lectures, demonstrations and practical sessions presented an insight into the techniques of the Japanese paper-mounting tradition, along with materials such as Japanese paper, adhesives including wheat starch paste, and the principles guiding the care of such collections in Japan. The practical sessions were conducted by instructors from a certified group holding the Selected Conservation Techniques on “Restoration Techniques of Mounting.” Continue reading…

Preservation and Restoration of Wooden Structures

April 18, 2017

Training Course on Cultural Heritage Protection in the Asia-Pacific Region 2017: Preservation and Restoration of Wooden Structures

Wooden structures in JapanDates: 29 August – 28 September 2017

Place: Cultural Heritage Protection Cooperation Office, Asia-Pacific Cultural Centre for UNESCO [Nara Pref. Nara General Office, 757 Horen-cho, Nara, Japan] and related research institutions.

Organizers (Tentative)

This course is jointly organized by the Agency for Cultural Affairs, Japan (Bunkacho); Asia-Pacific Cultural Centre for UNESCO (ACCU); International Centre for the Study of the Preservation and Restoration of Cultural Property (ICCROM); and National Research Institute for Cultural Properties [Tokyo and Nara].  Further joint organizers collaborating on the course are the Japanese Association for Conservation of Architectural Monuments (JACAM), Japan Consortium for International Cooperation in Cultural Heritage (JCIC-Heritage) under the auspices of Japanese National Commission for UNESCO, Nara Prefectural Government, and Nara City Government.


In the Asia and the Pacific region there are various forms of cultural heritage, including wooden structures, which are of great value from a global point of view. In order to safeguard this important cultural heritage for future generations, it is necessary for heritage professionals to carry out proper investigation, analysis and preservation. ACCU Nara Office, in partnership with ICCROM and Bunkacho has been organizing training courses since 2000 on this topic, with a view to building the capacities of professionals who have been involved in cultural heritage protection in the Asia and the Pacific region. This training course aims to provide participants with the latest methods and techniques for investigation, preservation, restoration and management of wooden structures. Continue reading…

Nature-Culture Linkages in Asia and the Pacific

April 13, 2017

Capacity Building Workshop on Nature-Culture Linkages in Heritage Conservation in Asia and the Pacific

red japanese pagodaDates: 15 – 26 September 2017

Place: University of Tsukuba, Japan

Organized by the World Heritage Studies and the Certificate Programme on Nature Conservation (CPNC) at the University of Tsukuba, in cooperation with UNESCO World Heritage Centre, IUCN, ICCROM and ICOMOS.


Heritage Conservation is an evolving practice, and one of the current debates focuses on identifying and recovering the connections between the nature and culture sectors. This exchange has become instrumental for the interpretation, conservation and sustainable management of both natural and cultural heritage sites.

The purpose of the Capacity Building Workshops on Nature-Culture Linkages in Asia and the Pacific (CBWNCL) is to contribute to the World Heritage Capacity Building Programme led by ICCROM and IUCN, in consultation with ICOMOS and the UNESCO World Heritage Centre, in developing new approaches towards integrated conservation of cultural and natural heritage. These workshops began in 2016 and explore nature-culture linkages with a focus on theory and practice in Asia and the Pacific Region. The visit to Japanese heritage sites forms a core component of the programme, where participants conduct practical work. Participants will be able to understand issues and explore approaches being adopted in the field. Continue reading…

Disaster Risk Management of Cultural Heritage

March 9, 2017

Course Announcement

Disaster Risk Management of Cultural HeritageTwelfth  International Training Course (ITC) on Disaster Risk Management of Cultural Heritage

Date: 28 August to 16 September, 2017

Place: Kyoto, Kobe and Kumano, Japan

Application deadline: 19 April 2017

Organized by:

Institute of Disaster Mitigation for Urban Cultural Heritage, Ritsumeikan University, in cooperation with UNESCO, ICCROM, ICOMOS/ICORP & ICOM

Supported by: Japanese National Institutes for Cultural Heritage (NICH)

Sub theme of ITC2017

Towards Integrated Protection of Immovable and Movable Cultural Heritage from Disasters

Cultural heritage is increasingly exposed to disasters caused by natural and human-induced hazards such as earthquakes, floods, fires, terrorism etc. Recent examples include Earthquakes in Central Italy and Myanmar in 2016, the Nepal earthquake in 2015, the Balkan floods in 2014 and ongoing conflicts in Syria and Yemen. These disasters not only affect the immovable heritage components such as monuments, archaeological sites and historic urban areas but also cause damage to the movable components that include museum collections and heritage objects that are in active use, such as religious and other artefacts of significance to the local community. Continue reading…

Fourth ICCROM-CHA Annual Forum concluded in Beijing

January 10, 2017

Fourth ICCROM-CHA Annual Forum concluded in BeijingThe fourth ICCROM-CHA Annual Forum concluded on 9 December 2016 at Tsinghua University in Beijing. The Annual Forum has been organized since 2013, with the collaboration and financial support of the Cultural Heritage Administration (CHA) of Korea.

The objectives of the Annual Forum are to explore, research, and debate key themes emerging from the Asian region that have implications for effective conservation and management of heritage.  These debates should result in formulation of policy guidance notes and/or principles related to the above themes, for improved and effective conservation and management of heritage. The Forum is also expected to contribute to capacity-building efforts in the region. Continue reading…

Japanese survey of quake-damaged structures in Italy

November 28, 2016

Japanese surveyWith the goal of providing mutual support and collaboration on seismic damage of historic structures, the Architectural Institute of Japan has carried out a survey of buildings damaged in the 2016 Central Italy earthquakes.

This survey, which took place between the dates of 29 Sept and 3 October, involved experts in masonry structures and seismic evaluation from the Nagoya City University, Kinki University and private architectural firms and institutes. Together, these colleagues surveyed quake-damaged buildings in Norcia, Amatrice, L’Aquila, Macerata and other surrounding towns. Continue reading…

New Secondment from Japan: Eisuke Nishikawa

November 3, 2016

New Secondment from Japan: Eisuke NishikawaICCROM is pleased to welcome Mr Eisuke Nishikawa, on secondment for the next two years from the Government of Japan.

Mr Nishikawa holds a PhD in Engineering from the Tokyo Institute of Technology. At the Japanese Agency for Cultural Affairs, he is a specialist in seismic reinforcement of cultural buildings for the Architecture and Other Structures Division, Cultural Properties Department. Continue reading…

Japanese Paper Conservation course begins

September 1, 2016

Japanese Paper Conservation course begins

The 2016 edition of the JPC-Japanese Paper Conservation course was inaugurated in Tokyo on 29 August.  This highly specialised three-week event will be held from 29 August – 16 September 2016.

The course has been organised once a year since 1992, in collaboration between the Japanese heritage authorities at National Research Institute for Cultural Properties and ICCROM.  This year’s edition brings together ten professionals from around the world.  For the first time, colleagues from Bhutan, Croatia and Iceland are joining the course. Continue reading…

Agency for Cultural Affairs, Japan

July 27, 2016

JPN-group-photoOn 27 July, the Director-General received the visit of
Ryohei Miyata, Commissioner for cultural affairs, Agency for Cultural Affairs, Rio Higuchi, Senior Specialist for the International Cooperation on Cultural Properties, Fine arts Division, ACA and Urara Nakajima, Secretary to the Commissioner.

In attedance: Akiko Umezu, Sites Unit Project Manger, Joseph King, Sites Unit Director, Maria Teresa Jaquinta, Liaison Officer (Co-operation with Italy) and Paul Arenson, Manager, Knowledge and Communications Services.

Member State represented: Japan