Japanese Paper Conservation course begins

September 1, 2016

Japanese Paper Conservation course begins

The 2016 edition of the JPC-Japanese Paper Conservation course was inaugurated in Tokyo on 29 August.  This highly specialised three-week event will be held from 29 August – 16 September 2016.

The course has been organised once a year since 1992, in collaboration between the Japanese heritage authorities at National Research Institute for Cultural Properties and ICCROM.  This year’s edition brings together ten professionals from around the world.  For the first time, colleagues from Bhutan, Croatia and Iceland are joining the course. Continue reading…

Conservation and Use of Southeast Asian Collections

February 17, 2016

On February 8th the CollAsia course on Conservation and Use of Southeast Asian Collections began in Bandung, Indonesia. The training activity, organized in collaboration with the Bandung Geological Museum and the Geological Agency of Indonesia, Ministry for Energy and Mineral Resources, with the support of the Korean Cultural Heritage Administration (CHA), brought together 34 conservation professionals from 18 countries. They will spend three weeks exploring the challenges of conserving and using collections.

The activity was inaugurated at the Geological Agency Auditorium, with a grand traditional Indonesian ceremony offered by the Geological Agency and presented by the Head of Bandung Geological Museum, Mr Oman Abdurahman, the Vice Minister of Tourism and the Indonesian National Commission for UNESCO. Continue reading…

Traditional Knowledge Systems

January 6, 2016

Third Annual Forum on the Applicability and Adaptability of Traditional Knowledge Systems in Conservation and Management of Heritage in Asia

Traditional knowledge and its applicability to cultural heritage preservation is increasingly gaining recognition in light of global discourse on sustainable development, climate change, disasters and resilience. In reflection of this worldwide shift, the World Heritage Committee has included the use of traditional knowledge systems for site management within its Operational Guidelines. The natural heritage sector is also very engaged in related activities, and in Africa, institutions have already begun compiling information from various areas of the continent.

Asia is rich in time-tested practices, and the inclusion of these systems into discussions about heritage is timely. Traditional management systems have the power to make a significant impact on the environmental, social and economic sustainability of the region. For example, ancient practices can help curb carbon emissions when maintaining a heritage place, and the continuation or revival of traditional crafts not only ensures that knowledge is passed down through generations, but that artisans can make a stable living. Continue reading…

New Members of ICCROM’s Council

November 23, 2015

Marie LavandierFollowing the 29th General Assembly of the International Centre for the Study of the Preservation and Restoration of Cultural Property (ICCROM), delegates of Member States elected the new members to serve on ICCROM’s Council for the period 2015 – 2019. The members of ICCROM’s Council are elected from among the most qualified experts in the conservation-restoration field worldwide.

  • Abdulaziz ALMUSALLAM ALKHAALDI – (United Arab Emirates)
  • Yong-Jae CHUNG – (Republic of Korea)
  • Florencia GEAR – (Argentina)
  • Riadh HADJ SAID – (Tunisia)
  • Michaëla HANSSEN – (Netherlands)
  • Monther JAMHAWI – (Jordan)
  • Wataru KAWANOBE – (Japan)
  • Patricia KELL – (Canada)
  • Marie LAVANDIER – (France)
  • Anne NYHAMAR – (Norway)
  • Zoe REID – (Ireland)
  • Mohammad Hassan TALEBIAN – (Iran) Islamic Republic of

Also, during the 86th meeting of Council, the ICCROM Council elected its new Bureau:

  • President of Council: Marie Lavandier
  • Vice Chairperson of Administration: Oliver Martin
  • Vice Chairperson of Planning: Valerie Magar

See full list of current council members

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The National Research Institute of Cultural Heritage (NRICH)

October 13, 2015

Visitors from KoreaOn 13 October a delegation from the National Research Institute of Cultural Heritage (NRICH), Republic of Korea visited ICCROM. The delegation was composed of: Mr. KIM Sun-gwan (Senior Curator), Ms. An Ji-yoon (Assistant Curator), Ms. Shin Hyo-young (researcher). They were welcomed by Catherine Antomarchi, Unit Director of the Collections Unit and Katriina Similä, Project Manager of the Collections Unit.

Promoting People-Centred Approaches

October 2, 2015

Engaging Communities in the Conservation of Nature and Culture – PCA15

Rome and the Bay of Naples, 5-16 October 2015

PCAICCROM is pleased to announce the commencement of its first course on Promoting People-Centred Approaches: Engaging Communities in the Conservation of Nature and Culture (PCA15).

This short course is aimed at conservation practitioners, providing them with the necessary knowledge and tools to work more effectively with communities through existing management systems. It will also be used as an opportunity to create a forum for participants to share their experiences in both the cultural and natural heritage sectors, learning from each other and other heritage practitioners who are actively involved with communities. This intensive short course will consists of lectures, interactive sessions on sharing experiences and practical exercises based on a real-life case study in the Bay of Naples.

Continue reading…

Communication and teaching skills

July 20, 2015

International Summer School on Communication and Teaching skills in Conservation and Science
13 – 24 July 2015. Rome, Italy

The second edition of the International Summer School on Communication and Teaching skills in Conservation and Science began on 15 July at the ICCROM headquarters in Rome. This two-week training session has brought together professionals from a variety of countries and backgrounds to explore the potential of different didactic approaches, approaches to learning about conservation and science, and revisiting existing practices. Learning is taking place through interactive sessions both in the classroom and around Rome. Continue reading…

CollAsia Course on Handling, Packing and Moving Collections Ends

February 20, 2015

Group photo with the ICCROM and CollAsia flags, taken from above

The CollAsia international course on Handling, Packing and Moving Collections came to a close in Kuching, Malaysia. Organized by ICCROM and the Sarawak Museum Department, with the support of the Korean Cultural Heritage Administration (CHA), the CollAsia activity aimed to improve scientific literacy and critical thinking skills among the diverse professionals caring for Southeast Asian heritage collections.

The training activity brought together over 40 heritage specialists from 21 different countries in the Asia-Pacific region and beyond. Through lectures and interactive sessions, participants explored the scientific principles underlying past and present systems, materials and work practices, as well as the manufacture, use and conservation of collections.

Participants were encouraged to share the traditional collections conservation practices in their countries during the Conference Day held on 16 January. Study visits were organized to Sarawak Cultural Village and the Bidayuh longhouse of Kampung Benuk, to learn and draw new ideas for research from the rich living heritage of the local communities around Kuching. Continue reading…

ICCROM-CHA Forum on Authenticity in the Asian Context

January 20, 2015

Group photo2nd ICCROM CHA-Korea Forum
Colombo and Habarana, Sri Lanka
8-12 December 2014

As part of a thematic seminar series funded by Cultural Heritage Administration (CHA) of Korea, a second Forum was held on “Authenticity in the Asian Context” in Sri Lanka. This event was organized last December by the Sri Lankan Ministry of National Heritage, the Department of Archaeology, the Postgraduate Institute of Archaeology and the University of Kelaniya.

The programme consisted of three sections: Continue reading…