RE-ORG Croatia

November 9, 2017

Re-org CroatiaOn 6 November the Director of the Ethnographic Museum in Zagreb, Dr Goranka Horjan, welcomed 26 museum professionals for a two-week RE-ORG workshop in the National Museum’s storage areas. The participants, 21 from Croatian museums and 5 from Slovenian museums, are reorganizing 24 storage rooms of the National Museum over ten working days.

After agreeing on a common objective, the participants identified three main steps: creating a temporary localization system, freeing the storage corridors and furniture from non-collection objects, and regrouping collections dispersed in various rooms or on different floors. To achieve their goals, the participants are being followed by a teaching team involving RE-ORG mentors from Serbia, Slovenia and Croatia.

This activity follows the July launch of the Croatian National RE-ORG Project, a three-day “Training of Trainers” workshop given to five Croatian professionals. On this occasion, Gaël de Guichen gave a public lecture on the RE-ORG programme attended by 76 colleagues including representatives from the Ministry of Culture and the City of Zagreb. Continue reading…

Petra Juvan

March 11, 2016

Petra Juvan, ICCROM internICCROM welcomes Petra Juvan from Slovenia who will join us for an internship until the end of April.

Petra has recently completed her master’s study of Conservation and Restoration of Works of Art at the Academy of Fine Arts and Design at the University of Ljubljana (UL ALUO). Prior to her conservation studies, she attended an undergraduate program leading to a university degree in Theoretical Sociology at the Faculty of Social Sciences (UL FDV).

During her time at ICCROM, she will support ongoing research for the Heritage Science Effect project, which focuses on tracing the benefit delivery of heritage science research. In particular, she will be assisting with a new bibliometric study to map research collaboration, as well as the capacity and reach of heritage science sector.

Member State represented: Slovenia

Marco Acrí, ETCAEH

December 22, 2014

Marco Acrí from ETCAEH visited ICCROMOn 22 December the Director-General received the visit of Marco Acrí from the ETCAEH (Economics and Techniques for the Conservation of the Architectural and Environmental Heritage), University of Nova Gorica .  In attendance, Maria Teresa Jaquinta, Liaison Officer (Co-operation with Italy) and Mario Ronga, ICCROM intern.

Member Stare represented: Italy and Slovenia

RE-ORG International in Canada and Southeast Europe

October 21, 2014

RE-Org International 2014 Southeast Europe team (top) and Canada team (bottom)Over the next year, 21 museums led by the Canadian Conservation Institute (CCI) and the Central Institute for Conservation in Belgrade (CIK) will reorganize their storage to ensure better conservation and the access to their collections. The project-based training initiatives are using the RE-ORG storage reorganization methodology created by ICCROM and UNESCO and available for free online.

The projects will include workshops and distance mentoring using a new online training platform developed by ICCROM and its partners to facilitate the use of the RE-ORG resource.

RE-ORG: Canada, a national initiative is organized by CCI in collaboration with the Ontario Museums Association and the Museums Assistance Program (MAP). Six museums selected across the province of Ontario are participating. Future editions of RE-ORG: Canada, will take place in other provinces.

RE-ORG: SEE is a regional initiative for Southeast Europe, organized by CIK and the Regional Alliance of ICOM for South East Europe – ICOM SEE, with the support of the Serbian Ministry of Culture, ICOM and the Annenberg Foundation. Fifteen museums from Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, the Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia, Montenegro, Serbia and Slovenia are participating. Continue reading…