Conservation of Japanese Paper (JPC)

Conservation of Japanese Paper course (JPC)

This three-week course is organized in collaboration with the National Research Institute for Cultural Properties, Tokyo, Japan, and will be carried out twice during the biennium.

The purpose of the course is to offer those caring for paper-based collections an insight into the materials and techniques of the Japanese paper-mounting tradition, and to the principles guiding the care of such collections in Japan. Hands-on experience practicing alongside Japanese master conservators is accompanied by lectures on the latest results of scientific research in this area, and study sessions at traditional paper-making centres, leading paper conservation studios, and museum collections in the country.

The course offers a unique opportunity to learn about the Japanese paper tradition to in a holistic way. Following the course, the participants are in a better position to make decisions concerning the care of Japanese artefacts in their collections. The course also aims to offer opportunities for building bridges between the Japanese and Western paper conservation traditions, and to assess the applicability of the Japanese approach, materials, and techniques to non-Japanese cultural heritage.

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