Earthquakes in Central Italy

October 27, 2016

earthquake stock photoA pair of powerful earthquakes shook parts of Italy on Wednesday evening, just two months after a powerful earthquake in the country killed nearly 300 people.  The earthquakes, ranging from 5.4 to 6.1 on the Richter scale, were centred in the Marche region near the town of Visso.  The tremors were felt throughout Central Italy from Perugia to Naples, and also strongly in Rome, where buildings swayed.

The Wednesday shocks were followed by a 6.6 tremor on Sunday morning, centred near the town of Norcia.

Historic churches and other buildings in the towns of Visso and Norcia have suffered damage and collapse, and a section of the Via Salaria has been declared off-limits.  Many of the damaged buildings were in zones that had been previously cordoned off after the 24 August quake.

Wednesday’s and Sunday’s earthquakes have claimed as yet no fatalities, though injuries are reported.

ICCROM is saddened by damage to these historic areas and express its solidarity to the communities affected and to those responsible for cultural heritage in these regions.

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