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Sophy Janowski
Chief Management Officer

Expertise: budget, finance, operations, resource mobilization, Member State relations

Sophy Janowski joined ICCROM as Chief Management Officer in the summer of 2015. She oversees all aspects of ICCROM’s operations and has overall responsibility for budget and finance, human resources, information systems, building and operations, as well as organizational development and resource mobilization. Before joining ICCROM, she worked as head of management and communications at the Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development Centre for Tax Policy and Administration (OECD/CTPA). Prior to that, she worked as manager, resource development at the Secretariat of His Highness the Aga Khan where she devised global fund-raising strategies for institutions of the Aga Khan Development Network (AKDN) as well as the Chantilly Foundation, an institution dedicated to the restoration and development of the Domaine de Chantilly, a major historical estate and museum located north of Paris. See full biography

Joseph King
Director, Sites Unit

Expertise: World heritage, built heritage, urban conservation, sub-Saharan Africa, disaster and risk management

Joseph King has been the Director of the Sites Unit at ICCROM since 2004. In this capacity, he oversees ICCROM’s programmes and activities related to immovable heritage (archaeological sites, cultural and urban landscapes, monuments and architecture), including ICCROM’s work as advisory body to the World Heritage Committee. He also coordinates the International Course on Stone Conservation and the International Course on Wood Conservation Technology. Previously he was Senior Project Manager at ICCROM in charge of the AFRICA 2009 programme, a long-term regional programme for the conservation of immovable cultural heritage in sub-Saharan Africa.

Gamini Wijesuriya
Project Manager, Sites Unit

Expertise: Religious heritage, community involvement, built heritage, conservation in Asia and the Pacific

Gamini Wijesuriya oversees the People Centred Approaches programme and is deputy coordinator for World Heritage activities. He is also in charge of the course on the Conservation of Built Heritage as well as several training activities related to cultural heritage sites and monuments in Asia and the Pacific. His focus is on the management of heritage places and the connection and empowerment of communities to their cultural heritage.

Catherine Antomarchi
Director, Collections Unit

Expertise: Collections (e.g. museums), risk management and reduction, preventive conservation, sub-Saharan Africa

For the last 30 years, Catherine Antomarchi has developed, planned and ensured the delivery of programmes, courses and educational tools throughout the world. In all activities, she promotes collaborative efforts and partnerships, placing heritage values at the core of conservation, community participation and commitment to diversity. She has studied the methods of effective education and training for professionals in museums extensively and has authored or co-authored 20 papers related to this subject. She received a Master’s degree in conservation science and techniques from the University of Paris I, Panthéon-Sorbonne.

Katriina Similä
Project Manager, Collections Unit

Expertise: Textile conservation, collections conservation in Southeast Asia, conservation and networking in Latin America and the Caribbean

Katriina Similä been a staff member of ICCROM since 1993. At ICCROM her first responsibility was to coordinate the Scientific Principles of Conservation course. She has worked on the development and implementation of various training activities in Rome and elsewhere, on scientific literacy and the preservation of different types of movable heritage. Currently she is the coordinator of the CollAsia programme in Southeast Asia and the LATAM programme in Latin America and the Caribbean, and is in charge of the International Summer School on Communication and Teaching Skills in Conservation and Science. Her main interests are archaeological and ethnographic textiles.

Aparna Tandon
Project Specialist, Collections Unit

Expertise: Disaster and risk management, emergency recovery of cultural heritage, conservation of sound and image heritage

As the Project Specialist at ICCROM, Aparna is leading its international capacity development programme on disaster risk management and its flagship training on First Aid to Cultural Heritage in Times of Crisis. Additionally, she is coordinating and developing the activities of the SOIMA (Sound and Image Collections Conservation) programme aimed at safeguarding endangered audiovisual heritage. Aparna has led post disaster assessments and training initiatives for recovery of cultural heritage in Haiti (2010), Philippines (2013) and Nepal (2015). Through ICCROM-ATHAR regional center at Sharjah, she has led workshops for protecting cultural heritage in conflict afflicted countries that include Syria, Lebanon, Iraq, Egypt, Yemen, Sudan and South Sudan.

Alison Heritage
Conservation Research Specialist

Expertise: conservation science, indicators for cultural heritage, research and development

Alison Heritage is the Conservation Research Specialist at ICCROM, where her role is to promote, monitor and disseminate scientific research in conservation. A key focus of her activities is enhancing the effectiveness of science research to support the conservation and public enjoyment of cultural heritage. In 2013 she was responsible for co-ordinating the ICCROM Forum on Conservation Science, a strategic think tank on the role and future pathways for science in cultural heritage conservation, which subsequently led to the publication of a series of key position papers for the field. Current research activities include The Heritage Effect project, which focuses on tracking impact pathways in heritage conservation science research. A key objective is to map end user and cross-disciplinary participation, and the transmission of knowledge and ideas from research into practice. The goal is to develop new tools for data mining, data visualisation and outcome evaluation to evidence the effects of heritage conservation science research.

Zaki Aslan
Director, ICCROM-ATHAR Regional Conservation Centre, Sharjah, United Arab Emirates

Expertise: Archaeological and architectural heritage in the Arab Region

Zaki Aslan is a conservation architect, who since 2003, has been Managing the ATHAR Programme (Conservation of Cultural Heritage in the Arab Region) at ICCROM and now directs the Organization’s Regional Conservation Centre in the United Arab Emirates. As regional representative of ICCROM in the Arab States, Aslan has provided technical advice to the Arab States in the Mediterranean and the Gulf countries on issues related to heritage conservation, management and planning (lately focused on areas of conflict), World Heritage procedures, national heritage strategies and governance, as well as public education and curricula development at graduate level. He is co-author of a UNESCO-ICCROM teacher’s guide entitled “Introducing Young People to Heritage Site Management and Protection.” and editor of “ICCROM-ATHAR Publication Series: Issues in the Conservation of Cultural Heritage in the Arab Region”. Aslan is also honorary senior lecturer at University College London-Qatar.

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