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News: March 2013
LATAM publication New Publication in Spanish: Measuring Heritage Conservation Performance, Spanish Summaries

11 March. ICCROM and the Centro de Estudos Avançados da Conservação Integrada (CECI), Brazil, are pleased to announce a new publication available for free download: Measuring Heritage Conservation Performance, Spanish Summaries from the proceedings from the 6th International Seminar on Urban Conservation which took place in Recife, Brazil in March 2011.

When ICCROM launched the LATAM programme for Latin America and the Caribbean in 2008, activities were to unfold around several priority areas set up as working groups chosen and led by institutions and professionals from the region. Among these was the working group on ‘measuring performance’, and what has emerged is that there are several initiatives taking place in different parts of the region on this very theme.

In 2011, CECI took the leadership in addressing this issue within the LATAM programme by organizing an international seminar. The call for papers attracted some 120 proposals from around the world, which further demonstrated that the concept of performance indicators is of great interest to many colleagues and institutions globally.

In the meantime, if you would like to share your experiences or ideas on how to further develop this theme, please email us at: latam(at)iccrom.org

Download the publication

updated on: 11 March, 2013