Paper Conservation in Latin America: Meeting with the East

May 16, 2014

Course Announcement

Course participants doing hands-on activity.

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Dates: 5 to 21 November 2014

Place: Mexico City, Mexico


From 6th to 13th December 2011, an international seminar was organized at the Coordinación Nacional de Conservación del Patrimonio Cultural, Instituto Nacional de Antropología e Historia (CNCPC-INAH), in order to evaluate the impact on participants from Latin America and Spain who had attended the International Course on Japanese Paper Conservation (JPC), a course jointly organized by the National Research Institute for Cultural Properties in Tokyo and ICCROM since 1992. This Seminar was organized within the framework of ICCROM’s LATAM programme for the Conservation of Cultural Heritage in Latin America and the Caribbean.

As a result of the seminar, two international courses on Paper Conservation in Latin America were organized. “Meeting the East” took place in October 2012 and in November 2013, jointly organized by CNCPC-INAH, the National Research Institute for Cultural Properties and ICCROM for paper conservation professionals from Latin America and the Caribbean. Thanks to the generous contribution from INAH and the Japanese National Research Institute for Cultural Properties, a third course is now being organized for 2014 and will be held at CNCPC-INAH. One of the aims of the course is to use traditional knowledge and techniques discussed and taught in JPC and apply them—directly or with relevant modifications—to the Latin American context.

The course

  • The purpose of this course is to provide basic concepts of Japanese materials and techniques for paper conservation, and improve participant understanding of the basic characteristics of the Japanese paper tradition.
  • The course also aims to build bridges between Japanese and Western paper conservation traditions, and to assess the applicability of the Japanese approach, materials and techniques to non-Japanese cultural heritage, with particular reference to Latin American paper-based cultural heritage.
  • Finally, the course promotes the exchange of experiences and information on paper conservation in Latin America and the Caribbean.

The course is an intensive two and a half week programme that combines theory and practice, through lectures and practical work. High-level interaction is encouraged in the course, with participants playing an important part.

The international course is open to a maximum of 9 participants working in Latin America and the Caribbean. Consideration will also be given to candidates working in Spain and Portugal. At least five years of working experience in paper conservation is required. Preference will be given to candidates who are also involved in training activities or who lead conservation teams.

Teaching team
The teaching team will include Japanese and Latin America instructors from leading institutions.

Working language: Spanish

Course fee: No course fee

Selected participants will receive a scholarship covering accommodation, breakfast and lunch during course sessions. Candidates are encouraged to seek financial support from all possible sources, such as governmental institutions, employers, and other funding agencies to cover their travel expenses as well as perdiems for their daily expenses.

Please use the application form and send it by email to:  latam.mexico.papel (at)

Application deadline: 30 June 2014

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