Course on Management and Monitoring of World Heritage Sites

maggio 23, 2017


Course on Management and Monitoring of World Heritage Sites

with special reference to China


 Management and Monitoring of World Heritage Sites

DATES: 14-25 August 2017

PLACE: Cultural Landscape of Honghe Hani Rice Terraces, China


SACH- State Administration of Cultural Heritage, China

CACH- China Academy of Cultural Heritage

ICCROM- International Centre for the Study of the Preservation and Restoration of Cultural Property

Management and Monitoring of World Heritage SitesBACKGROUND

The course is organized by ICCROM and CACH at the invitation of the State Administration of Cultural Heritage (SACH) to benefit professionals working at World Heritage properties in China. However, the course will also be attended by international group of participants selected by ICCROM and funded by SACH. This course is a follow up to two successful courses on “Management and Monitoring of World Heritage Sites with special reference to China” organized and implemented 2011 and 2016 at the invitation of SACH.


The course aims to provide participants with current thinking, trends and approaches to management of cultural World Heritage properties focusing particularly on monitoring. Course contents are currently being developed and will include the following themes:

  1. International context of conservation: current trends and approaches to planning and management of heritage sites
  2. Management of World Heritage properties
  3. Achievements, challenges and strategies for the protection of World Heritage Sites in China
  4. Monitoring
    • Monitoring requirements under the World Heritage Convention
  1. reactive monitoring process and state of conservation reporting (SOC)
  2. periodic reporting
    • Monitoring at site level focusing on larger landscapes
    • Monitoring device and technique
  1. Monitoring World Heritage in China with case studies


The course will take place at the Cultural Landscape of Honghe Hani Rice Terraces, China. The course constitutes an intensive programme combining both theory and practice, through lectures, case studies and practical exercises. High level interaction is encouraged in the course with participants playing an important role.


The course is designed for 20 participants, 10 from China and 10 from countries outside China. They should be professionals engaged in heritage conservation and management, preferably working at World Heritage properties in their respective countries (preference will be given to those working in cultural landscapes/agricultural landscapes).



Resource persons will include heritage practitioners from China and abroad, including ICCROM.






International participants will be responsible for their round trip travel costs to and from Beijing, China However, they may apply to ICCROM for travel grants which are available through generous contributions from SACH. Chinese authorities will provide local transportation, accommodation and meals during the course to all participants.


Candidates should complete the ICCROM application form and send it together with a 500-word summary of their experience in protection of heritage sites and the way in which the course relates to their current or future projects. Please send applications only by e-mail to the following address:


Applications must be received at ICCROM by 20 June 2017 to ensure inclusion in the selection process.

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