activity with EPAFor nearly three decades ICCROM has worked closely with Member States throughout sub-Saharan Africa. From 1985 to 2000 ICCROM launched the PREMA programme (PREVention in Museums in Africa) to respond to the growing need for a strategic approach to preventive conservation in museum collections. In 1998 a second programme, AFRICA 2009 was established to provide training and technical advice on immovable heritage.

Following the success of these two major programmes run by ICCROM, our efforts are now directed towards fundraising, advice and communication strategies for two regional institutions that were born from PREMA.

École du Patrimoine Africain (EPA)

Porto-Novo, Benin

EPA is a postgraduate university institution, recognized as an International Organization by Benin in 2009, and specialized in the preservation and promotion of cultural and natural heritage. Established in 1998 by ICCROM and the University of Abomey-Calavi  in Porto Novo, Benin, it trains heritage professionals from 26 French, Spanish and Portuguese -speaking sub-Saharan African countries.

Its mission is to contribute to the social and economic development of African countries and people through the conservation and the enhancement of their cultural and natural heritage. EPA has developed several types of activities: professional training (degree and non-degree courses), expertise and assistance in the maintenance and enhancement of cultural and natural heritage, heritage education, publishing and dissemination, as well as special projects that combine multidisciplinary approaches. EPA’s activities address all types of heritage: museum collections, libraries and archives, built heritage, natural heritage as well as intangible heritage. More than 1,500 African heritage professionals from 44 countries have participated in its activities.

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For 14 years EPA was one of the only cultural organizations to take up the challenge of finding enough money to remain self-financed. It is helped in this endeavour by an endowment fund, the EPA Fund, created and managed by ICCROM since 2001. Currently, € 2,496,204 have been raised thanks to the contributions of 23 donors (including countries, foundations, international organizations, private organizations and several individuals). ICCROM and EPA thank those who have so far generously contributed.

Download: poster of EPA Fund donors and patrons

ICCROM is carrying out a fundraising campaign to increase the EPA Fund to € 3 million. The interest produced by the ÉPA Fund as well as the overheads from activity budgets go towards the organization’s running costs. Since 2013, EPA has also begun to receive a direct support from some of its beneficiary countries through annual financial contributions, in acknowledgment of EPA’s work on the continent for the last 15 years.

For more information about EPA visit its official website.

Centre for Heritage Development in Africa (CHDA)

Mombasa, Kenya

CHDA is an international Non Governmental Organisation (NGO) dedicated to the preservation, management and promotion of cultural heritage in Africa through a programme of training and development support services.  It was created in 2000 by ICCROM and the National Museums of Kenya (NMK). Its core value is in the preservation of immovable, movable and intangible cultural heritage in English, Spanish and Portuguese-speaking sub-Saharan Africa. 

Various programmes have been undertaken throughout the life of CHDA. These programmes include:

  • Training in Conservation of Movable Heritage, Training in Conservation of Immovable Heritage, and fund raising
  • Training in Public Programming and Education
  • Training in the development of nomination dossiers for World Heritage List
  • Training in Heritage Impact Assessment
  • Training in Exhibitions Design
  • Training in Collections Management & Storage
  • Training in Stakeholder participation

For more information about CHDA visit its official website.

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