Bagan, MyanmarICCROM collaborates on several activities in Asia and the Pacific, thanks to its vast network of partners.

A Memorandum of Understanding between ICCROM and the Cultural Heritage Administration (CHA) of the Republic of Korea has resulted in the provision of resources to assist countries in the Asia-Pacific region in the design, development and implementation of education, training and research activities for cultural heritage conservation. As a result, the CollAsia programme for the conservation of collections in Southeast Asia has been re-launched, activities have been strengthened in the Living Heritage programme, and ICCROM is able to provide assistance to institutions and professionals.

Additionally, ICCROM offers its annual course on Cultural Heritage Protection in the Asia-Pacific region in conjunction with the Asia-Pacific Cultural Centre of UNESCO (ACCU) in Nara, Japan, thanks to the collaboration and generous funding provided by Japanese authorities and partners.

Past and current activities:

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