LATAM: conservation in Latin America and the Caribbean

LATAM meeting participants in Mexico City.Latin America and the Caribbean contain a wealth of diverse cultural expressions that span thousands of years. This significant portion of the world’s cultural heritage is a source of social cohesion and development in the region and requires conservation and sustainable use. ICCROM’s culturally diverse approach paves the way for new insights in the field of cultural heritage.

The role of ICCROM, recognized by more than 20 countries in Latin America and the Caribbean, is to facilitate dialogue and collaboration between cultural heritage professionals and institutions in the region as well as to work to strengthen and sustain the efforts of all members.

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LATAM belongs to all people motivated by increasing awareness of heritage and cultural diversity and improving their capacities in conservation in Latin America and the Caribbean. This happens through the exchange of information, training and creation of knowledge, and through networking. The success of LATAM and the ability to implement activities largely depends on the response and active participation of conservation professionals and heritage institutions from the region.

Do you work in conservation or heritage management? Are you a student or a researcher in the cultural heritage sector? Are you part of a cultural institution or organization? Are you interested in culture and heritage publications? Do you want to broaden your knowledge and get in touch with other professionals?

Whatever the nature of your involvement in Latin American and Caribbean cultural heritage, you can participate in a number of ways (see below).

Boletín LATAM

The LATAM Boletín connects conservation professionals in Latin America and the Caribbean. It provides the opportunity to share research and projects, find professionals with common interests, and exchange case studies and work experiences throughout the region using the LATAM network.

We welcome contributions dealing with a wide range of topics in a wide range of formats and languages.

See past and current issues of the Boletín LATAM here

LATAM is working for your heritage, and for this reason, we encourage you to get involved and collaborate in the conservation of sites and objects representing your history, identity and diversity. If you are looking to work at a regional level, build bridges with related disciplines, and learn from broader experiences, do share your initiatives!

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The LATAM Boletín is a resource for those interested in exchanging content, news, and research related to the conservation, protection and management of cultural heritage. The opinions that contributors express in the Boletín are their own and not necessarily those of ICCROM or partner institutions.

LATAM Activities and Resources

recovering damaged collections exerciseConservation professionals can make new contacts and reinforce existing ones by participating in or proposing LATAM activities. These activities build up their skill sets, develop communication, and enhance positive exchanges in the region.

Whether you have in mind a training session, research project, publication or conference, LATAM can suggest various resources and contacts from yours and related fields, and can cooperate with organisational tasks.

Another way to participate is to request an internship or fellowship related to any field of interest in Latin America and the Caribbean that may contribute to a better understanding of heritage, to boost knowledge and to promote more collaboration.

“A rich heritage is kept alive thanks to the work of many, and those of us who form part of this course pursue a common objective: to safeguard cultural property for future generations.” Sergio Raymant Arencibia Iglesias, Cuba


Publication in Spanish: Measuring Heritage Conservation Performance, Spanish Summaries, March 2013. ICCROM and Centro de Estudos Avançados da Conservação Integrada (CECI), Brazil.

Publication in Spanish: Introducing Young People to Heritage Site Management and Protection: A Practical Guide for Secondary School Teachers in Colombia, January 2013. ICCROM and the Ministry of Culture of Colombia.

Publication in Spanish: Valoración de colecciones. Una herramienta para la gestión de riesgos en museos, May 2013. Museo Nacional de Colombia, Colombia.

LATAM Library Network

The LATAM Library Network is a directory of libraries and documentation centers in the region that house collections or have specific sections related to culture, heritage, conservation or restoration. This project goes hand-in-hand with ICCROM’s larger objectives of cooperation and exchange (in progress).

Other ways of getting involved


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