World Heritage

Brasilia World Heritage Site

Improving conservation and management practices

World Heritage properties act as flagships for conservation worldwide.  New knowledge and concepts that are developed within the World Heritage context are often diffused to aid in the conservation of sites at a wider level.  World Heritage properties are almost always complex places which combine values related to the immovable with those related to movable and intangible heritage.

While the Convention itself focuses on immovable heritage, there is a strong need to develop integrated approaches to the conservation and management of World Heritage properties, which combine concerns for immovable heritage with those of the movable and intangible located within them.

As an Advisory Body to the World Heritage Convention, ICCROM is in a unique position to take advantage of knowledge gained within the World Heritage system, to help its Member States improve conservation and management of World Heritage properties and a wider range of sites.  Its role within the Convention allows ICCROM to better understand conservation needs on a broad level, which benefits all of its work on conservation of immovable cultural heritage.

Its specific role with regards to training also provides ICCROM with access to information on training needs that are valid not only in the World Heritage context, but also at a much wider level.

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