Technical Assistance

tas-thumbThe Technical Assistance Service (TAS) encourages and supports the development of cultural heritage conservation worldwide by sharing and making available conservation literature for specific projects and needs. TAS assistance is available to public institutions and non-profit organizations responsible for the preservation of cultural heritage within ICCROM Member States.

In view of current budget restrictions, ICCROM is now providing assistance on a cost-neutral basis. For example, Member States institutions may request photocopies of relevant conservation literature from the ICCROM Library to support their projects, within reasonable limits and respecting copyright legislation.

ICCROM invites any interested funding and donor institutions to contact us by email.  We would like to act as a liaison to facilitate book exchange, other types of documentary support, or provision of simple supplies to organizations with limited resources.  We hope to use our network to put potential donors and recipients in direct contact for urgent, low-cost needs.

Additional information may be obtained from:
Technical Assistance Service
Via di San Michele 13
00153 Rome, ITALY

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