Sherry Chen

July 5, 2017

Sherry ChenSherry Chen from the People’s Republic of China will undertake an internship at ICCROM from 3 to 28 July 2017.

Sherry is currently completing an MA in Sustainable Cultural Heritage at the American University of Rome.  Her internship will focus on private sector fundraising and how to engage Chinese companies holding investments or with intent to invest in Africa, in efforts to support cultural heritage in Africa. For years now, China’s “Go Out” policy has encouraged Chinese companies (SOEs – state operated enterprises and private companies) to venture abroad.  China’s engagement in Africa has generated important investments in an array of sectors from infrastructure to telecoms to mining to services.  The research will help in developing ICCROM’s strategy on possible partnerships with Chinese companies in Africa and will contribute in the future to building the basis of an action plan with a private sector coalition in Africa.

The focus of the Sherry’s internship will be: 1) A survey of all Chinese companies (engineering, infrastructure development, telecom, banks etc.) that have business interests in Africa, and particularly in West Africa; 2) A survey of cultural anthropology studies carried out by Chinese SOEs and private companies; and 3) Researching potential corporate partners for ICCROM in Africa.

ICCROM would like to work closely with a private sector coalition that unites multinational and national companies wishing to work on global heritage conservation issues. Sherry will prepare a report on areas such as the geographical scope of operations of the companies, their corporate social responsibility strategy in Africa, and existing partnerships with NGOs.

Member State represented: China

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