UNESCO and ICCROM Join Forces to Protect Cultural Heritage

October 16, 2017

UNESCO and ICCROM Join ForcesThe United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) and the International Centre for the Study of the Preservation and Restoration of Cultural Property (ICCROM) signed a landmark agreement on Friday 13 October in a new effort to address mounting threats to cultural properties worldwide.

Under the Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) signed at UNESCO’s Paris headquarters, the two agencies agreed to intensify efforts to implement the 1972 World Heritage Convention. They will also boost cooperation in addressing a number of specific challenges, including destruction of cultural property in armed conflict, disaster risk management, illicit trafficking in heritage objects and new risks to intangible cultural heritage. Continue reading…

Rome Appeal approved for the protection of heritage at risk

May 22, 2017

Rome Appeal approved for the protection of heritage at riskThe two-day International Conference “Documenting the Heritage at Risk” has successfully concluded. The meeting was organized by the “Incontro di Civiltà” Association, chaired by Francesco Rutelli, in collaboration with ICCROM.

On Friday at Palazzo Poli and on Saturday at the Ex-Planetarium of the National Roman Museum at Terme di Diocleziano, scholars and experts in art history, conservation and new technologies gathered from all over Europe, the United States, China and several Arab countries, as well as from UNESCO, ICCROM and major international organizations. Their discussions centered on the need to identify a universal code for cataloguing cultural assets at risk, in addition to adopting immediate commitments to intervene in war scenarios, crisis areas and environmental flash points, in order to safeguard affected heritage and to reconstruct what has been damaged or destroyed based on rigorous scientific criteria. Continue reading…

Agreement between Italy and UNESCO – 60th anniversary

April 26, 2017

Agreement between Italy and UNESCO – 60th anniversary60th anniversary of the signature of the Agreement between Italy and UNESCO for the establishment of ICCROM on Italian territory

The 27th of April marks the 60th anniversary of the signature of the Agreement between Italy and UNESCO regulating the establishment and legal status of ICCROM on the Italian territory.  This signing ceremony took place in Paris on 27 April 1957.

The speech of the Italian Minister of Foreign Affairs, Hon. Amintore Fanfani, supported Italy’s adhesion to the Statute, and the ratification of the Agreement between Italy and UNESCO regulating the establishment and legal status ICCROM on the Italian territory.

The document underlines the relevance for Italy to host the organization at that time, in 1958.

Fanfani’s speech is reproduced here in Italian and English.


Preservation and Restoration of Wooden Structures

April 18, 2017

Training Course on Cultural Heritage Protection in the Asia-Pacific Region 2017: Preservation and Restoration of Wooden Structures

Wooden structures in JapanDates: 29 August – 28 September 2017

Place: Cultural Heritage Protection Cooperation Office, Asia-Pacific Cultural Centre for UNESCO [Nara Pref. Nara General Office, 757 Horen-cho, Nara, Japan] and related research institutions.

Organizers (Tentative)

This course is jointly organized by the Agency for Cultural Affairs, Japan (Bunkacho); Asia-Pacific Cultural Centre for UNESCO (ACCU); International Centre for the Study of the Preservation and Restoration of Cultural Property (ICCROM); and National Research Institute for Cultural Properties [Tokyo and Nara].  Further joint organizers collaborating on the course are the Japanese Association for Conservation of Architectural Monuments (JACAM), Japan Consortium for International Cooperation in Cultural Heritage (JCIC-Heritage) under the auspices of Japanese National Commission for UNESCO, Nara Prefectural Government, and Nara City Government.


In the Asia and the Pacific region there are various forms of cultural heritage, including wooden structures, which are of great value from a global point of view. In order to safeguard this important cultural heritage for future generations, it is necessary for heritage professionals to carry out proper investigation, analysis and preservation. ACCU Nara Office, in partnership with ICCROM and Bunkacho has been organizing training courses since 2000 on this topic, with a view to building the capacities of professionals who have been involved in cultural heritage protection in the Asia and the Pacific region. This training course aims to provide participants with the latest methods and techniques for investigation, preservation, restoration and management of wooden structures. Continue reading…

ICCROM at the G7 Culture Meetings in Florence

April 3, 2017

ICCROM at the G7 Culture Meetings in FlorenceOn 30 March, Director-General Stefano De Caro addressed the G7 Culture meetings, held in the Sala Bianca of the Palazzo Pitti, in Florence, Italy. These were the first-ever such meetings, held on the initiative of Italy’s Culture Minister, Dario Franceschini.

The meetings saw high level delegations from the G7 industrialized nations and international organizations who met to exchange views on the importance of culture to foster stable societies and ensure diversity and dialogue. They also invoked the essential role of heritage protection in a world where culture is increasingly the target of attack, destruction and illicit profiteering by non-state parties.

The day began with a series of technical sessions featuring representatives of Member State institutions responsible for managing heritage along with the main international organizations. Three sessions discussed strengths, weaknesses and suggested practices in international legislation and regulations; heritage protection procedures in the fight against illicit traffic; and the role of cultural heritage in education modules and professional training. Continue reading…

#Unite4Heritage: ICCROM and UNESCO in the UAE

February 16, 2017

#Unite4Heritage: ICCROM and UNESCO in the UAE

On 11 February 2017, the Director General of UNESCO, Mrs Irina Bokova, visited the ICCROM-ATHAR Regional Conservation Centre in Sharjah as part of launch for the #Unite4Heritage campaign in the United Arab Emirates.

His Highness Sheikh Dr. Sultan Al-Qassimi, Member of the Supreme Court and Ruler of Sharjah, had presided over the launch ceremony for the #Unite4Heritage campaign earlier in the day at the Sharjah Fort (Al-Hisn).

The ICCROM-ATHAR event included an opening speech by Dr Stefano De Caro, ICCROM’s Director General, and welcome remarks by Dr Zaki Aslan, Director of the Centre and by Mr Abdul-Aziz Al-Mussallam, Director of the Sharjah Heritage Institute and member of ICCROM’s Council. The event also included lectures at the theatre, an exhibition on the Centre’s activities for the Arab States, and demonstrations of first aid interventions to cultural heritage objects in times of conflicts. Continue reading…