2022 David Hallam Conservation Research Award

Endangered Heritage
David Hallam worked tirelessly to promote conservation, the science behind it, and the necessity for original research. David himself worked in Metals Conservation, contributing to our understanding of the agents of deterioration, preventative conservation, collection care, passive treatments metal coatings, anti-corrosion treatments, industrial finishes and so much more.
Notably, David was a great eclectic thinker, who loved collaboration and cross-disciplinary projects. This research prize aims to keep the rules open, the guidelines simple, with inclusion being absolute.
The only real rule is: The research must be science-based and original.

There is no restriction on previously published papers as long as it is not copyrighted, or you have the ability to approve it being released as the best papers each year will be published digitally through the website.
URL with the relevant information: for further information and to apply
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