International Centre for the Study of the Preservation and Restoration of Cultural Property
Student Design-Build Competition

Student Design-Build Competition

The APT Preservation Engineering Technical Committee
Description: The APT Preservation Engineering Technical (PETC) is planning for an exciting Student Design-Build Competition to be held at this fall’s APT Conference in Washington, DC. This year’s competition theme will be the Masonry Arch.

PETC hopes to reach more potential competitors beyond the contacts that we have made over the past several years. Competition teams are to include post-secondary students from a single university (undergraduate or graduate program), college, or trade school. Teams are recommended to include engineering, architectural, and conservation/preservation students.

If you have direct contacts with students and/or school programs, please send them, so they can express interest in the competition and receive this year’s competition this link
URL with the relevant information: for more information on the competition