International Centre for the Study of the Preservation and Restoration of Cultural Property


Workshop / Atelier
Organizing institution(s): European Research Center for Book and Paper Conservation-Restoration
Event start date: 25-10-2019
Event end date:
Location of event: Krems, Austria

Horn courses are now Krems courses

Some of us still remember the high-quality one-week courses delivered in Horn, Austria between 2011 and 2013 on selected topics in conservation of written heritage, such as parchment assessment, parchment making, analysis of dyes, conservation of globes, etc. About eight participants from all over the world (Australia, Japan, USA and, of course, from across Europe) came to the remote place of Horn to focus on a particular topic for one week. These “Horn Courses” were interrupted for a few years and will now resume in 2019. The first course will be a LIGATUS summer school. The second course, organized as a parallel event of the Ink Corrosion Treatment symposium ICC, will be dedicated to production, use and conservation of inks.

25 – 27 Oct. 2019 Inks
The course will include the preparation of various inks: a soot ink, two iron gall inks (one European, one Oriental), a mixed ink and some other ink-like writing substances such as bister, etc. The inks will be prepared following the instructions of old texts, which either have been translated or are read in the original version (for example, old German). The risk of misinterpretation will be highlighted. The inks will be prepared of substances which will be collected by the participants or prepared during the course, in any case they will be natural substances rather than bought at a shop.

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