Innovation begins within - Resilient museums in times of disruption

Organizing institution(s): NEMO - Network of European Museum Organisations
Event start date: 09-10-2022
Event end date:
Location of event: Loulé, Portugal

Registration to NEMO's European Museum Conference 2022 Innovation begins within - Resilient museums in times of disruption has opened!

NEMO's European Museum Conference 2022 is co-organised together with the  Municipal Museum Loulé and the Portuguese Directorate-General for Cultural Heritage and thanks to co-funding by the European Union.

It's been two years since the network and the European museum community last came together and we are looking forward to reconnecting with you. We hope that you will join the discussions and networking at our 30th conference as we celebrate 30 years of NEMO.

These last years, the sector has withstood a variety of new challenges. Therefore, NEMO is dedicating the 2022 European Museum Conference to exploring how museums can become more innovative, agile and flexible in a fast-changing and challenging world.

No one can be sure of the future, but does that mean that museums cannot be futureproof? The pandemic has not only disrupted the world as we knew it, but also put a magnifying glass on the museum sector’s capacity to respond to other ongoing crises, making obvious that change is much needed. At the conference, we will look inside museums to harness existing skills and identify what is lacking. We will look outside the sector to find inspiration for new approaches, perspectives and ideas. Let’s embrace failure as a learning opportunity and have a self-critical look at the museum and its operations – including leadership, working conditions, funding and audience relevance.

The Conference Fee is 150€ and includes access to all conference offers, including meals and dinners.

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