International Climate Control Conference

Organizing institution(s): Ki Culture, in partnership with Gallery Climate Coalition
Event start date: 01-12-2022
Event end date:
Location of event: online

As we know, climate control is one of the most carbon-intensive practices in the art world. In the 1970s, scientific research showed that using “preventive conservation,” a new approach to collections care, conservators could prolong the life of material objects by keeping them in ideal climatic conditions (temperature and relative humidity levels). Museums, galleries, transportation companies and other art stakeholders around the world jumped on this bandwagon and switched to climate controlled environments. Over the last 20 years, however, continued scientific research has shown that actually, climate control ranges don’t need to be as stringent as originally thought.

Despite the fact that climate control requires immense amounts of energy, and in the face of the climate crisis and energy crisis, many museums are still reluctant to make the change, or feel they are not able to because of international loan agreements and requirements from other institutions.

This is a collective problem and needs a collective solution. This 2 day online event will highlight the issues and solutions for climate control in the sector. This conference-style event will showcase latest research and scientific data, highlighting best practice in the field, and bringing together all stakeholders for a holistic view on the issue. Sessions will include keynote speakers, panel sessions, and case study/best practice presentations.

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