International Centre for the Study of the Preservation and Restoration of Cultural Property
RO.ME Museum Exhibition

RO.ME Museum Exhibition

Exhibition / Exposition
Organizing institution(s): RO.ME Museum Exhibition Scientific Committee
Event start date: 27-11-2019
Event end date:
Location of event: Roma, Italy

Visions, networking and business opportunities for museums, cultural venues and destinations
27-29 November 2019, Fiera di Roma
Rome has an eternal glimpse on the world, is the perfect scenario to hold an international symposium and a marketplace for a senior management audience working in museums, cultural venues and destinations. Cultural heritage as a superior significance in promoting social cohesion, wellbeing and cooperation among people. Culture is a real widespread capital, made of artistic heritage, landscape, tradition, know – how and innovation: a worldwide richness and beauty that crosses territories. RO.ME – Museum Exhibition is an international platform, a cultural hub that provides vision & knowledge sharing, business opportunities, networks & tools for the professional community. .

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