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WAC-9 Congress, session of the WAC…

WAC-9 Congress, session of the WAC Students Committee

Call for papers and/or posters / Appel à communications et/ou posters
Organizing institution(s): WAC Students Committee
Event start date: 04-11-2019
Event end date:
Location of event: Prague, Czech Republic

Dear WAC Student Members,

The WAC Students Committee is planning the following session for the WAC-9 Congress in Prague and we are inviting individual papers ahead of submission. The abstract of the session is provided below.

If you are interested in submitting a paper for this session, we would be grateful if you could send a title and abstract (250 words only) by November 12 2019 to any of the three organizers listed below.

We would like to note that we define “students” in the broadest sense of the word. This includes, undergraduates, postgraduates, and postdocs. Therefore, everyone around the world who has some insight on this topic is invited to present in this session.

If you know any students who you think would be interested in this topic, please feel free to forward this message to them!

Best wishes,

Erin, José, and Yajaira on behalf of the WAC Students Committee


Students Website:WAC Student Committee page

Facebook Page:World Archaeological Congress Students Forum (WACSF) By WACSC



Call for Papers in “Archaeology from the Next Generation: Student-Led Research Projects in a Global Perspective”


Erin Hogg, Simon Fraser University, Canada,

José Ant. Mármol Martínez, Complutense University Madrid, Spain,

Yajaira Núñez Cortés, University at Albany-SUNY, Costa Rica,


Session Abstract

The research methods, products, and outcomes of students are often less visible than their more established counterparts. Straddling the line between novice and expert, their work is often seen as paving the way for their future careers in or outside of academia or assisting their academic advisors. However, their work presents innovative approaches to new and old problems in archaeological practice, and a critical view about the role of archaeology and the past in the current volatile social and political scenarios. In this session, we bring together students from around the world to discuss their novel contributions to archaeological theory, practices, and methods. We encourage any student attending WAC-9 to participate in this session. We welcome research papers from undergraduates, postgraduates, and postdocs in archaeology to discuss big or small, normative or experimental research projects. Papers may address: what responsibilities do students have to address inequalities, ethical dilemmas, and professional codes; what obstacles do students face in their research process; what kinds of issues are student-led scholarship addressing; what can students do to build collaboration? The goal of this session is to share how the student experience has informed the scholarship of our colleagues and encourage collaboration among students in preparation for future WAC congresses. This session is sponsored by the WAC Student Committee (WACSC) and builds upon the WACSC sponsored session at WAC-7, Jordan. The WACSC is dedicated to encouraging student membership and representation within WAC, organizing student-oriented activities, and promoting student participation in academic events organized by WAC.



Archaeology; Students; Research process; Collaboration; Global perspective

Please feel free to contact Erin, José, and Yajaira directly via the email address supplied above, in case you have any questions or need additional information.


On behalf of the WAC Student Committee

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