GCI Professional Fellowship program

Organizing institution(s): Getty Conservation Institute
Location of fellowship: Los Angeles
There are three Professional Fellowships for the 2022–2025 cycle, each with a distinct area of specialization.

Cleaning of Wooden Gilded Surfaces Project
(seeks a conservator of wooden decorative surfaces)
The fellow will work closely with conservators and conservation scientists as an integral part of the team that is addressing research questions and practical issues pertaining to the interpretation and treatment of wooden decorated surfaces.

Technical Studies Research
(seeks an imaging scientist)
The fellow will work closely with scientists and conservators as an integral part of the team that continues to build knowledge and expertise in the identification and characterization of materials used in works of art.
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Seismic Retrofitting Project
(seeks a conservation engineer)
The fellow will work closely with architects, engineers, conservators, and scientists as an integral part of the team that is combining traditional construction techniques and materials with high-tech methodologies to design and test easy-to-implement seismic retrofitting techniques and maintenance programs to improve the structural performance and safety of earthen buildings.
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