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Heritage under Threat: Digital…

Heritage under Threat: Digital Documentation, Preservation and Sustainable Management

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Dear Colleagues,

A large number of important heritage sites around the world are fragile assets, faced with different and continuous challenges threatened by natural and human-made actions.

They are vulnerable to the forces of nature in many different ways. Earthquakes, flooding, tsunamis, ranked as sudden, unpredictable and catastrophic events, have an immediate and destructive impact indeed. At the same time, rapid economic development, taking place under the boost of world population growth and increasing industrialization, leads to faster and more substantial urban expansion with its associated burden on the historic environment. Faced with social and economic change, historic sites become endangered by neglect and deterioration or surrenders to the pressures of real estate development. Similarly, without sufficient protection, many archaeological areas are affected by looters and illegal excavations. From this perspective, human-inflicted disasters are significantly more destructive than natural disasters.

This Special Issue invites papers and reviews dealing with 3D/2D documentation exploiting different sensors, platforms and machine learning algorithms, preservation strategies, and sustainable managements plans of cultural heritage at risk. The aim is to review (i) the state-of-the-art techniques used for fast and accurate digitization, (ii) preservation strategies of artefacts at different scale threatened by natural and human-made actions and (iii) sustainable managements plans for a long-term safeguard. Papers going beyond the state-of-the-art are encouraged. Case studies using modern analytical techniques and new methodological approaches which contribute to the domain of safeguard and heritage protection will be considered.

Dr. Dante Abate
Guest Editor
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