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Conservation of Stored and Displayed…

Conservation of Stored and Displayed Objects in Limited Spaces

Institute of Archaeology, University College London
Post-graduate student studying a MA in Principles of Conservation at the Institute of Archaeology, University College London is currently conducting research for dissertation and would like to ask for participation by completing a questionnaire.

Dissertation topic is 'Conservation of Stored and Displayed Objects in Limited Spaces' in the context of museums and particularly, of conservation. In my discussion, I will investigate accessibility, and different materials regarding stored and displayed artefacts located in limited spaces. Interested in storage and display logistics and their impact on how objects are accessed, understood and interpreted. The main questions that I hope to answer are:
•Should display and permanent storage occur in the same shared space or not?
•Can artefact storage be part of the display?
•If so, what do we understand by 'display' and 'storage' in this context?

The point of the questionnaire is to conduct research concerning the experiences of students, semi-professionals, conservation professionals and anyone else who has and is currently working with stored and displayed artefacts in limited space. Will also analyse how the space within collection rooms influences the ways that participants utilise the area. Defining 'space' as an area's floor plan and room design.

The desire to explore this topic stems from her own experience as a student of conservation and varied work experience roles as a volunteer. Noticed a mismatch between her expectations (garnered from both her classes and her own reading) and the reality in various institutions of storage and display. This led to question what professionals and other students might experience in terms of their own prescribed working environments.

It is hoped that this discussion will contribute to future decision-making processes of where and how to locate and organise collection spaces, and to further research opportunities for both professionals and students in the field of storage and display

Be assured that responses to the questionnaire will be completely anonymous; specific information regarding your workplace is not required. If this information is included in your comments, it will be omitted from the discussion. If you do not complete the questionnaire fully then it will be assumed that you have withdrawn your consent to take part and your answers will be discarded. All data will be treated with confidentiality and securely protected in files accessible by password only. If you do wish to participate, you will only need to do so once.
Researcher: Elena Hancock
Supervisor: Caitlin O'Grady
This study has been approved by the Institute of Archaeology Ethics Committee.
The questionnaire contains a total of 43 questions and can be accessed @
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