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Emergency response and salvage…

Emergency response and salvage operations - benchmarking survey

National Library of Scotland
Arielle Juler, Preventive conservation intern at the National Library of Scotland is focusing her internship on disaster response and salvage operation procedures at the library and across the wider arts and heritage sector.

After initial conversations with collections care staff at NLS and external experts, she found six recurring areas of interest and discussion. She has structured a survey with questions around these topics to gather data and information on how these areas are managed and implemented across the wider arts and cultural sector.

The data gathered in this survey will inform further discussions and research into areas of emergency response and salvage operation and ultimately a final report of recommendations and best practice for the end of the internship.

There are 35 questions in 7 sections and the survey should take around 10-15 minutes to complete. There is space at the end to enter any additional information and discussion.

Arielle Juler is also interested in contacting individuals separately for a more in-depth discussion after the survey ends in order to explore some of the areas in more detail. If you would be interested in participating, you can email her at
Survey end date: