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2021-2022 Sustainability in…

2021-2022 Sustainability in Conservation Student Ambassador Program

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Organizing institution(s): Sustainability in Conservation (SiC)
Registrations for the 2021-2022 Sustainability in Conservation Student Ambassador Program are now open!!

Sustainability in Conservation (SiC) is an international organisation aimed at promoting sustainable alternatives in cultural heritage conservation and related fields. SiC provides resources, programs and information through the resource centre and handbooks to facilitate the incorporation of sustainable practices in daily conservation undertakings.

One of our most successful programs is the Student Ambassador Program, which is aimed at students enrolled in conservation programs as they are in a unique position to positively contribute to making sustainable changes within the industry. This year's program topic is Energy, offering a handbook full of challenges for students to undertake to make positive, more sustainable changes in their conservation studies with a focus on more conscientious ways of approaching energy-saving in the studio and lab.

In addition to our usual program offerings, this year the Energy handbook includes more resources, at-home versions of challenges, online and in-person social events, a conference in 2022, and a certificate of participation at the end of the year.

Participation is free of charge. Students will require a passive supervisor within their program, and permission contracts must be signed prior to participation.

We look forward to having past participants re-register, and new participants who are just starting on their conservation and sustainability journeys.