Advanced Electron Microscopy Techniques in Cultural Heritage

Summer School / Université d’été
Organizing institution(s): Laboratory of Archaeometry - University of the Peloponnese
Training start date:
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Location of event (if online/distance learning please specify): Kalamata
e-CULT Summer School aims to provide participants with specialized theoretical and technical knowledge on advanced techniques of Electron Microscopy (Scanning - SEM and Transmission – TEM) and their applications in the fields of Archaeology and Cultural Heritage Materials.

Participants will have the opportunity to attend lectures by highly acclaimed researchers from the fields of Archaeometry and Electron Microscopy (SEM: Dr. V. Kilikoglou, Prof. N. Zacharias, TEM: Dr. P.P. Das).
Emphasis will be given in hands-on experience on both microscopic techniques, via multiple laboratory practical sessions. Real case studies of the rich Cultural Heritage of Messinia will be exploited to further improve the participants' understanding of the potential of the application of Electron Microscopy in Cultural Heritage.

Official language: English
Accreditation: Certificate of Attendance (2 ECTS)
Total cost: 750€ *
* (included in total fee: tuition fee, academic accreditation, accommodation, group excursions
Not included in total fee: international flight to/from Greece, local transportation and incidental personal expenses).

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