Online Short Courses in Museum Conservation, Preservation, Heritage, Culture and Tourism Skills

Course / Cours
Organizing institution(s): School of the Arts, University of Pretoria
South Africa
Location of event (if online/distance learning please specify): online
There is a skills development gap in the higher education sector for those working in the heritage, museum, and cultural tourist industries. In an industry experiencing unique challenges due to COVID-19 restrictions, updated applied skills and innovative ideas are in short supply.

Introducing three new one-of-a-kind, customised, and modular courses in Museum Conservation, Preservation, Heritage, Culture, and Tourist Skills, intended to meet the needs of delegates in the heritage, museum, and tourism industries. This well-rounded selection of courses addresses the aforementioned gap in tertiary education by offering upskilling opportunities and educating delegates about a rapidly changing museum, heritage, and cultural tourism landscape.

Museum Studies, Conservation and Preservation Skills
11 July to 1 August 2022
3 hours daily over 21 days
This short course is designed for individuals working in the museum industry. It looks at the museum's history, organisation, and day-to-day challenges and opportunities in postcolonial and post apartheid South Africa. Throughout the course, participants will be encouraged to engage with blogs, media articles, and social media in order to think about the museum in all of its complexities.

Heritage Studies and Skills
18 July to 4 August 2022
3 hours daily over 14 days
This short course enables participants to explore issues in heritage theory, policy, and practice through engagement with a variety of publica spaces and heritage sites, consumers, and the city, as well as learn about what it means to work in the heritage sector.

Culture and Tourism Practice and Skills
25 July to 11 August 2022
3 hours daily over 14 days
The promotion of diverse cultures and communities is crucial for an inclusive society. Tourism is perceived to link diverse cultures and promote the consumption of cultural diversity. This short course will equip the participants with the necessary skills to highlight the value of tourism and to give you them tools to support their career in this field. Participants will gain valuable knowledge that facilitates engagement between tourists and local communities. They will be exposed to the frameworks that govern the sector. Additionally, they will learn about targeted marketing campaigns to increase ethical tourism, which drives economic growth and contribute to the well-being and success of a destination. The course will give participants an understanding of how tourism businesses operate, how tourists behave and what impact tourism has on countries, cultures and the environment.