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Sustainable Ambassador Program

Sustainable Ambassador Program

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The Netherlands
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Sustainability Ambassador Program - Registration Now Open!

The Sustainability Ambassador Program combines tools, resources, and answers questions that practitioners have about how to become more sustainable. After two years of development, research, and consultations with cultural professionals and experts in the sustainability sector, the Program addresses key needs of individuals and institutions to begin or continue their sustainability journeys.

The Sustainability Ambassador Program includes:

● Introduction to Sustainability Ambassador Program
o Sustainability in Conversation: How to communicate what you are doing to your
peers and colleagues
o Forming Your Team: A guide on how to create a Sustainability Ambassador Team
at work
o PR Kit: How to communicate your success to the outside world
o Let’s Talk about Climate: A guide to communicating about climate change
o Social Sustainability Glossary
● Themed Ki Books
● Self-assessment forms (two per Ki Book)
● Regional Mentors and Ambassador Network
● Sustainability Ambassador Training Program and Accreditation
● Information and Resources
● Access to the Ki Culture network

Head to website for more information and register to start a Sustainability Ambassador Program at your institution!

Application deadline: