Workshop for Conservation of Roman Mosaics

Field School / École de terrain
Organizing institution(s): Balkan Heritage Field School / NI Stobi
Bulgaria, North Macedonia
Training start date:
Training end date:
Location of event (if online/distance learning please specify): Stobi, N. Macedonia
The Workshop provides an unique opportunity for students and volunteers to gain comprehensive knowledge and hands-on experience in conservation of authentic Roman and Late Roman Mosaic floors from the ancient city of Stobi.

During the workshop participants will be guided through the consequent stages of study, conservation and documentation as well as the history and technology of Roman and Late Roman mosaics.

The project includes three modules: practical work in documentation and conservation of mosaics; lectures on their history and conservation as well as excursions to the town of Bitola, the archaeological site of Heraclea Lyncestis, Ohrid and Ohrid lake (UNESCO World Heritage Site) and the ancient Macedonian capitals in Pella and Vergina (UNESCO World Heritage Site), Greece.
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