ICOMOS CIF  2023 Symposium: "Design and Delivery of Education and Training for the Conservation of Built Heritage"  and the Acropolis Site Visit 

We are delighted to announce the ICOMOS CIF 2023 Symposium on 12th and 13th October 2023 in Athens (Greece), organised in collaboration with ICOMOS Hellenic and with the patronage of the National Technical University of Athens. The ICOMOS International Scientific Committee on Education and Training (CIF) researches and promotes international cooperation in the field of education and training for the understanding, protection, conservation and management of built heritage, historic sites and cultural landscapes. It works on the advancement of a greater understanding of such heritage and the appropriate approaches, intervention criteria, technologies and management for its conservation and to advise on the development of ICOMOS programs in this field and at all levels of education and training.

Following the outcome of the ICOMOS CIF 2022 Symposium in Florence (Decalogue for Education in Architectural Conservation), we will focus this year on the delivery of education and training in professional, educational and training settings, with the scope to identify the state of the art. We will also start this year with a section on Terminology, which will be a standing item in the following years. ICOMOS CIF has set as a priority the clarification of the terminology used and the cultural identities reflected in each language. The Symposium will include keynotes concerning education and training delivered within the conservation site of the Acropolis of Athens and in the architectural and urban conservation course at the National Technical University of Athens. Other ICOMOS CIF expert members will give short presentations on their experiences, and all the contributors will have the opportunity to discuss with all the attendees of the Symposium. The outcomes will inform two important ongoing projects: the ICOMOS CIF GACETS (CIF Global Architectural Conservation Education and Training Survey) and ICOMOS CIF Multilingual and Multicultural Glossary.

Registration will be available until 5 October, but places are limited, so please register as soon as possible using the link below.

We have also made remote attendance possible for those unable to travel. Please get in touch for any questions you may have cif@icomos.org

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