We are pleased to be able to offer our full course program again in the winter semester. 

in English:

  • Updated: Microbial Infestation of Objects of Art and Cultural Heritage
  • How to Safely Handle Contaminated Cultural Heritage
  • Mould and Documents
  • Church Rooms and their Climate. Heating, Ventilation, Equipment Protection
  • Consolidation of Wood. Possibilities and Limits of Structural Consolidation
  • How Should We Act? Theory and Ethics of Conservation and its Significance in Practice, Historical Roots in the Renaissance and Baroque Periods
  • Photography as a Tool for Documentation and Examination
  • Restoration Theories and Methods from 1945 to the Present Day
  • The Examination of Transparent Coatings on Furniture and Wooden Objects
  • Conservation of Globes

in Spanish (tutoring in English):

  • Teorías y Métodos de Restauración desde 1945 hasta la actualidad

in German (tutoring in English):

  • Saccharidische Bindemittel und Kleber (Saccharide Binding Media and Adhesives)
  • Grundlagen der Holzkunde: Eigenschaften - Verwendung - Schäden - Untersuchungsmethoden erläutert am Beispiel von Eichenholz (Basic Wood Science: Properties - Use - Damage - Examination Methods Explained by the Example of Oak)
  • Schädigung von Kulturgut durch Salze (Damage to Cultural Heritage from Salt)
  • Erhaltung von Wachsmoulagen (Conservation of Wax Moulages)

Registration period: 1 July - 22 September 2024 (https://hornemann-institut.de/en/fbk_registration.php)

Participants will receive a qualified Hornemann Institute certificate upon successful completion of the program and passing of the final online examination.

During the term of the course, a graduated conservator is available to all participants via e-mail.

For application and more information see our website.

Contact: Dr. Angela Weyer, Hornemann Institute of the HAWK.

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