ICCROM is grateful for the generous support of its donor and partner community – governments, UNESCO, UNESCO World Heritage Fund and foundations. Despite this, the gap between needs and resources is likely to grow, given the ever-increasing urgency to protect cultural heritage worldwide.

Throughout the year and within its current budget, ICCROM managed growing resource pressures and underfunding. This required prioritizing activities, with the understanding that prioritization is a compromise between what is judged urgent or essential and what is possible given available resources and capacity. As an example, ICCROM’s prioritization of training and other core activities had a severe impact on other efforts such as technical assistance to Member States, including for museum management, conservation science research, evaluation and much-needed investments in Africa. Such projects require large investments up front, yet there is strong evidence of great potential benefit and returns for Member States over the long term. In response, ICCROM has intensified efforts to expand its donor base, which required investments in time, capacity, staffing and finances.

ICCROM Cultural Heritage Fund

We are living in a time of increasingly severe crises. Disasters intensified by the effects of climate change and violent conflicts are affecting greater numbers of people today than ever before. There is an immense need for humanitarian assistance to defend the right of people to a life with dignity. Human needs go beyond food, water and shelter. For communities devastated by disasters and conflicts, culture and heritage provide a vital sense of continuity and identity.

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