Cultural Entrepreneurship Action-Learning Training

Course / Cours
Organizing institution(s): ICHEC Brussels Management School
Training start date:
Training end date:
Location of event (if online/distance learning please specify): Online
Dates for the Cultural Entrepreneurship Action-Learning Training are:
1 March – 9 June 2022 on Tuesdays and Thursdays.
Duration: 24 half-days (96hs) from 1:30pm to 5.30pm (CET).

Action-learning pillars: Business & Operating Models Innovation; Exponential technologies; Ecosystem and partnership; Sustainability and positive impacts; Internal and external governance.
Modality: On-line.
A final presentation and networking event in Brussels, ICHEC Brussels Management School will take place in a blended format allowing participants to attend in person and on-line.

Offer: 17 action learning sessions; 6 coaching sessions; 1 intermediate and 1 final presentation and a networking event! 4 ICHEC lecturers & 14 international experts
Fees: For CCIs professionals from the Brussels Region: 300 Euros including also the incubation period after the course. For CCIs professionals from Belgium 600 Euros and, for CCIs professionals from abroad 900 Euros.

Language: English

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