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The Russian Palace Program

The Russian Palace Program

Field School / École de terrain
Organizing institution(s): The Russian Palace Program
Russian Federation
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Location of event (if online/distance learning please specify): Moscow and Saint Petersburg
The Russian Palace Program is a unique 20-day hands-on experience for emergent professionals behind the scenes in some of Russia's finest palaces and heritage sites. The Russian Palace program was created in order to boost interaction between heritage professionals in Russia and the world. Language barriers often force specialists in the area to be constrained by the resources that they hold in their respective countries but with the joint effort of the Russian Palace Program and our numerous partners were aimed at creating a worldwide network of Russian Heritage professionals that can gain invaluable experience from each other.

The sites that we will visit as part of the Russian Palace program are the most important collections of Russian art in the world. These renowned collections hold treasures that need to be discovered and researched. We believe that exploring the palaces and museums that hold important collections in Russia alongside professionals from different areas of study is beneficial to both parties. While it can be extremely difficult for emerging professionals without proper credentials from their institutions to visit Russia, the Russian Palace program aims at just that - expanding the network.

By joining the Russian Palace program you will not only gain exclusive access to the main collections of the museums in Saint Petersburg and Moscow but you will have a hands-on opportunity to meet and network with professionals in the field, exchange new perspective areas of research and find a new topic for discussion in your professional circle. With the Russian Palace program, you will get the idea of the vast collections that these museums hold and a unique opportunity to study them closely. The experiences you get from coming to Russia and meeting the curators of the funds is a great step in your professional heritage career.

The Summer of 2019 is the first installment of the annual program and it will begin in Moscow on August 10th. To get your place, go to the section "How to Apply" or click the "Apply now" section.
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