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UV-Vis Luminescence imaging techniques…

UV-Vis Luminescence imaging techniques/ Técnicas de imagen de luminiscencia UV-Vis

Livres (et volumes édités)
Fuster López, L.; Stols-Witlox, M.; Picollo, M.
Editorial Universitat Politècnica de València
Fuster López, L.; Stols-Witlox, M.; Picollo, M. (2020). UV-Vis Luminescence
imaging techniques/ Técnicas de imagen de luminiscencia UV-Vis. Editorial
Universitat Politècnica de València.


Now available: the first volume of the bilingual open-access Conservation
360o series “UV-Vis Luminescence Imaging techniques / Técnicas de imagen
de Luminiscencia UV-Vis”.

Edited by Marcello Picollo, Maartje Stols-Witlox and Laura Fuster-Lopéz.
With chapters on the fundamentals of UV-Vis luminescence imaging by Mauro
Bacci, E. Keats Webb, Giovanni Verri, John Delaney, Barbara Berrie and
Mathieu Thoury, and a foreword by Néstor Barrio.

Ever since its introduction in the field of conservation, the role of UV-Vis
luminescence/ fluorescence imaging has been expanding, increasing its unique
and significant contribution for the investigation of cultural heritage. This
multi-authored book offers insights into the principles and basics of UV-Vis
luminescence and fluorescence, and highlights their application in different
conservation fields in case-study chapters that offer suggestions and
inspiration for use in different conservation specialisms, from the
investigation and identification of pigments and coatings to the
characterization of degradation products or the evaluation of conservation
treatments. Each chapter can be read independently. In combination, the
chapters provide interesting opportunities for cross-comparison between
terminology, methodology and application.

A pdf can be downloaded from: http://hdl.handle.net/10251/138517, print on
demand available by emailing: edicion@editorial.upv.es

About the book series Conservation 360o

The new collection Conservation 360º is a fully peer reviewed open-access
series of multi- and interdisciplinary books on current themes in the field
of Conservation of Cultural Heritage. Each book will provide a general
overview of the state of the art, research and concepts in the field of the
preservation of cultural heritage aimed at professionals of
conservation-restoration, scientists, art historians, archaeologists,
technicians and students. Conservation 360º carries the Spanish Academic
Publishing Quality label (CEA-APQ).
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